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Link’s Crossbow Training - first scans

The latest issue of Nintendo Power reveals the first images of Nintendo’s pack-in Wii Zapper game, Link’s crossbow Training. The hooded protagonist is seen picking off both enemies and targets in the world of Hyrule.

The scan isn’t too large (click the thumbnail to enlarge), so details are that much harder to pick out. However, you’ll first notice that the camera is set behind Link at a Resident Evil 4-style over the shoulder angle, rather than in a third person perspective, and that the game looks to use the same graphics engine as The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Link is seen honing his skills against adversaries both on land and in the air, while a group of terribly brave Gorons hold static targets over in front of their bare bodies.

Nintendo recently detailed Link’s Crossbow Training, revealing that the title includes three main modes, with a total of 27 stages in all. Every level is playable by either one or numerous players by sharing the accessory.

Link’s Crossbow Training is released on November 19.'s Crossbow Training - first scans digg:Link's Crossbow Training - first scans newsvine:Link's Crossbow Training - first scans furl:Link's Crossbow Training - first scans reddit:Link's Crossbow Training - first scans fark:Link's Crossbow Training - first scans Y!:Link's Crossbow Training - first scans gamegrep:Link's Crossbow Training - first scans

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