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Bungie talks Halo on Nintendo DS and more…

Just recently Nintendic revealed the version of Halo that was previously being worked on for the Nintendo DS and how, sadly, it would never see the light of day for reasons that could not be specified. When people have asked Microsoft about the project in the past, all they have received is a bunch ‘no comment’ responses. Now, though, with Bungie splitting up with Microsoft, the team behind Halo has spoken about the prospect of such a game.

Speaking out in a new interview, Brian Jarrard, Franchise and Community Director at Bungie, has openly discussed the project shown off by Matt Casamassina of IGN and the chances of Halo ever actually being officially released on the Nintendo DS.

“This rumor has been circulating for a while and as you know we even saw some real life screens and assets this week. Ultimately it’s up to Microsoft to decide if and when they take Halo to a different platform. That particular demo was in fact created and I believe it was an unsolicited pitch a long time ago but nothing ever came of it.”

Halo DS - it WAS a reality, but will never be released now!

As for what the future holds for Bungie now it is once again an independent developer, Jarrard stated:

“Typically speaking, that opportunity could exist for us down the road and possibly those prospects are exciting for some of our engineers, but on the other hand, we’ve only made one game for the 360 and that game happened to turn out very, very well. The platform’s been really good to us, Microsoft has been really good to us. So for now we’re just taking it all in stride.

“We’ve got our hands full with some 360 commitments and that’s going to keep us occupied for quite a while. Beyond that, anything’s possible, but it’s too early to say. We don’t have any dev kits in the building for other platforms. There’s nothing like that going on right now.”

So it appears Bungie has yet to get hold of Wii or PlayStation 3 development kits, yet no doubt they will be soon winging their way to the team as they attempt to re-establish themselves in a post-Halo world. What would you like to see Bungie do next, though, support Sony’s powerhouse platform or go down the innovation route and crack out a First-Person Shooter for Wii?

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9 comments on 'Bungie talks Halo on Nintendo DS and more…'

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Comment by Adam on 2007-10-07 21:44:42 | Reply

IT will never happen. Part of the deal with Bungie and Microsoft is that Microsoft RETAINS OWNERSHIP of the Halo franchise.

In other words, Microsoft STILL OWNS the Halo franchise.

It’ll never happen. It’s just a rumor or joke.

Comment by ij on 2007-10-07 21:59:52 | Reply

you’re not thinking^^^

MS owns the rights, yes..but they make games for the DS already. Viva Pinata is coming to the DS next year..and Rare is working on more games for the DS as well.

Why WOULDNT they want to make more money by offering a lower quality Halo on the best selling system of all time (ds)?

MechAssault, Viva Pinata, Blue Dragon and the Rare-developed Diddy Kong Racing all point to the possibility of MS bringing out a portable Halo game. However, if someone is going to do it, I wouldn’t be surprised if Rare’s Perfect Dark team get the task.

Comment by n4life on 2007-10-08 04:25:33 | Reply

I would definetly buy it!!

Comment by Jed Merrill on 2007-10-08 09:35:27 | Reply

Microsoft releasing Halo DS would be a good move, in my opinion. Not only would it bring in exceptional profits, but it would generate good will among Nintendo fans. It is this type of unpredictable move that I would predict from Microsoft as it seeks to broaden its market share.

Comment by Jed Merrill on 2007-10-08 09:36:33 | Reply

Personally, I would like to see Bungie pick up the Metroid license, now that Retro is done with the Metroid Prime series…

Comment by Anthony on 2007-10-08 21:37:00 | Reply

Halo is an independent developer now? Why did Microsoft get rid of one of their best developers? That’s like Sony getting rid of Naughty Dog (creators of Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter series)…

Fisrt Microsoft loses Bizzare Creations, now they get rid of Bungie. WTF were they thinking?

Does Microsoft still own the Halo franchise, or is it owned by Bungie? Cause I would love to see a Wii version of Halo/Halo 2.

Comment by kjhovey on 2007-10-08 22:45:47 | Reply

They aren’t gonna pick up Metroid >_>

Comment by Subrosian on 2007-10-08 23:09:11 | Reply

No… M$ never got rid of them, actually Bungie resigned on their own. Bungie owns 75% of the Halo franchise share while M$ holds the rest 25%, it wouldn’t be that hard to buy it off them especially if Sony or/and Nintendo help them archive that while Bungie makes them a(or two)halo game for their consoles, a nice deal and it could happen any time soon.

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