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Canadians recognise Mario over prime minister and rival

If results of a survey conducted by Harris/Decima in Canada are anything to go by, then Nintendo shouldn’t be doubting bumper sales of Super Mario Galaxy in the country. The poll revealed that the rotund plumber was just as recognisable as Canada’s prime minister Stephen Harper, and even more so in certain regions.

In Toronto, Calgary and Halifax, more people were able to identify a photograph of Super Mario than they were their own country’s prime minister. Even in Harper’s home riding Calgary Southwest, Mario was more recognisable (47 vs 41 per cent).

More women across Canada were also able to identify Mario than the country’s top politician (66 per cent vs. 63 per cent) and nationwide, the animated plumber is just as well-known as the prime minister. Both were correctly identified by 70 per cent of respondents in five major centres when asked to identify photographs by name.

It appears that more Canadians even recognise Mario over the leader of the Canadian government’s opposition, Stephane Dion. Less than half of those surveyed (48 per cent) could correctly identify a picture of Dion (even with a Canadian flag in the background).

“Canadian politicians are lucky Mario doesn’t have his Canadian citizenship and could campaign for office,” said Ron Bertram, general manager of Nintendo of Canada. “It’s no surprise that Mario is more recognized than high-profile politicians: he’s entertained generations of Canadians and inspires only happy thoughts.”

“Super Mario Galaxy for Wii will further boost Mario’s stature in Canada” said Bertram. “Moms and dads will have some great Mario fun alongside their kids.”

Ignore Bertram… Mario for Canadian prime minister?

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6 comments on 'Canadians recognise Mario over prime minister and rival'

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Comment by Knuckle Head Poll on 2007-11-13 15:40:53 | Reply

Pretty stupid story! For sure not as many people could recognise Celine Dion. Mario always looks identical while Celine changes her look all the time. So it depends what Celine picture they used!! By the way, her new album Taking Chances is out today Nov. 13!

I dunno, that chin never changes shape either. =P

Comment by Kamon on 2007-11-13 16:02:14 | Reply

Nah. Us Canadians just aren’t that into politics as the United States, typically. Oh, and I love how you guys changed it from “president” to “prime minister” after I posted. ;)

Comment by Dave on 2007-11-13 18:02:31 | Reply

This is awesome. I especially love how you not only failed to post a link to the source ( but actually failed to read and comprehend it yourself!

The survey dealt with the recognition of Mario, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and Leader of the Opposition *Stephane* Dion. Singer Celine Dion was not mentioned in the survey.

Gee, it’s really confusing when two people have the same last name, eh?

By the way, you may have fixed the headline but Google News cached “Canadians recognise Mario over president…” and you’ve left “Mario for Canadian president?” in the article itself.

Journalism at its finest.

Sorry! Thanks for the correction. Fixed.

Comment by Dave on 2007-11-14 00:28:00 | Reply

Stephane, not Stephanie. He’s a guy.
I know, foreign names are hard.

And still no citation of the source.

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