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Rumours: Golden Sun, Ogre Battle Wii and Mario RPG DS?

Three gargantuon rumours purporting to some huge Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS announcements have emerged from RPG Magazine today. Two involve the comebacks of hugely popular series’ and the other concerns the ressurection of a series last seen on the Nintendo 64.

Yes, RPG Magazine reports that Square Enix is currently considering bringing back Super Mario RPG (originally released on the Super Nintendo and the pretense to Paper Mario) to the Nintendo DS. It will include, appearely, more characters from the Final Fantasy universe.

The second whisper helping to keep the rumour mill churning is that Ogre Battle will be making a comeback on the Nintendo Wii and that Yasumi Matsuno, former games director at Square and massively respected games designer, will be involved.

Last, but by no means least, is chatter that Camelot will be resurrecting the Golden Sun series on the Nintendo Wii. The brilliant RPG was last seen on the Game Boy Advance in 2003. Word has it that battling will take place mostly via the Nunchuck controller.

Some potentially huge games there. What are your thoughts? Golden Sun, Ogre Battle Wii and Mario RPG DS? digg:Rumours: Golden Sun, Ogre Battle Wii and Mario RPG DS? newsvine:Rumours: Golden Sun, Ogre Battle Wii and Mario RPG DS? furl:Rumours: Golden Sun, Ogre Battle Wii and Mario RPG DS? reddit:Rumours: Golden Sun, Ogre Battle Wii and Mario RPG DS? fark:Rumours: Golden Sun, Ogre Battle Wii and Mario RPG DS? Y!:Rumours: Golden Sun, Ogre Battle Wii and Mario RPG DS? gamegrep:Rumours: Golden Sun, Ogre Battle Wii and Mario RPG DS?

10 comments on 'Rumours: Golden Sun, Ogre Battle Wii and Mario RPG DS?'

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Comment by nightshadow on 2007-11-22 00:22:51 | Reply

New Golden Sun FTW.

Comment by Mark on 2007-11-22 13:57:55 | Reply

If this Golden Sun rumour is confirmed I will do a nudey run through the town. Yeah!

Comment by squaresoft4ever on 2007-11-22 19:01:07 | Reply

mario RPG with (more?) final fantasy characters? seems like kingdom hearts rip-off. NO MORE SQUARE-ENIX CROSSOVERS! (bet ideas like that is how squaresoft died)

Comment by Subrosian on 2007-11-22 20:32:01 | Reply

W00T! Golden sun game!!!!!*drools* if it’s confirmed its false ill shoot myself.

Comment by royalwolf on 2007-11-23 06:58:24 | Reply

I swear I’ll by a Wii if Golden Sun comes out for it. Although I’m too happy about the nunchuck.

Comment by Ochuko on 2007-11-27 19:44:07 | Reply

I will personally shit myself if there is either a super mario RPG for DS or a golden sun for WII. I would be happier if the consoles were reversed though.

Comment by Protricity on 2007-11-27 20:08:51 | Reply

I agree with Ochuko, the consoles should be reversed for a Mario RPG and Golden Sun. The idea of a new Ogre Battle on Wii is just pure badassness.

Comment by seiffer on 2007-12-02 17:18:25 | Reply

i wish it’s true for the Ogre Battle on wii it would be a great hit but should have been released on gcube before like fire emblem

i also agree with ochuko and protricity, mario rpg should be on wii and golden sun on ds but even if it’s not the case i’ll buy both if this rumor is true!!

Comment by Debonair on 2009-04-18 05:38:42 | Reply

Is it true about the Ogre Battle or just a rumour with no basis?

Comment by Cold Case on 2010-04-05 07:07:59 | Reply

Sabe eu tenho a coleção completa do ogre battle!!!
mas… de todos os episódios o melhor é do(N64) eu não canso de zera esse jogo! cara é muito bombom mesmo parabéns pelos produtores do jogo já zerei o ogre battle com cinco pedras
pois eu consegui a quinta pedra no jogo quanto mas ansate cross melhor pois no jogo vc só pega quatro mas tem a quinta pedra que é a pedra da virtude ela é desconhecida de cor azul

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