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A New Beginning - destructive new screenshots

German firm Daedalic Entertainment first lifted the covers off A New Beginning back in August last year; an adventure game that plucks all the latest headlines concerning climate change (and its potentially disastrous effects) and plonks them straight into a title that is heading to the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. A set of interesting new screenshots were released today, depicting just how the world could look in the grip of seriously affective, widespread environmental shifts.

Players will take control of two protagonists to explore the world, represented by more than 40 characters set on top of realistic 2D backgrounds. They will be tasked with numerous puzzles and quests in order to prevent a climatic disaster from destroying the world:

Scientist Bent Svensson has had to give up on his life’s work of trying to engineer an eco-friendly alternative energy source. But his existence as a reluctant retiree is interrupted by a most peculiar visitor: The young Fay claims to have been sent from the future to prevent an impending environmental catastrophe. The only remaining hope is Bent’s research which is about to fall into the hands of an unscrupulous energy magnate. Bent decides to trust the young woman – but is she really telling the truth?

Today’s new screenshots depict a world devasted by changes in the environment, from a flooded London to a fiery Sydney and a Japan being ravaged by volcanic eruptions.

Wiiz reports that A New Beginning is scheduled for release in Europe in October 2008. New Beginning - destructive new screenshots digg:A New Beginning - destructive new screenshots newsvine:A New Beginning - destructive new screenshots furl:A New Beginning - destructive new screenshots reddit:A New Beginning - destructive new screenshots fark:A New Beginning - destructive new screenshots Y!:A New Beginning - destructive new screenshots gamegrep:A New Beginning - destructive new screenshots

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