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“Unique” Nintendo DS Spore dated, Wii version detailed [updated - first DS screens!]

It seems like Will Wright and Maxis’ Spore has been in development forever, but after a number of delays and dodging of the questions regarding a release date, publisher Elecronic Arts has finally confirmed in a press release that the title will be arriving worldwide on the Nintendo DS this coming September 07. Worryingly, there was no mention of the Nintendo Wii version in the latest official detailing, but a recent interview with Wright reassures us that it is still in the pipeline.

The press release reads:

“The wait is almost over,” said Maxis Chief Designer Will Wright. “We’re in our final stages of testing and polish with Spore, and the team at Maxis can’t wait to see the cosmos of content created by the community later this year.”

Spore’s premise is one that reeks of ambition, giving players the chance to shape their very own universe, from the very first life forms graduating to establishing tribes, building civilizations and populating them with vehicles, buildings and even UFOs. This can all, then, be shared with other gamers.

UPDATE - first Nintendo DS Spore screenshots

Asked about the Nintendo DS version of Spore, Wright told Newsweek that it was an entirely unique design, different to Spore on any of the other formats, and something that would make unique use of the DS as a platform, both control-wise and in terms of Internet Connectivity:

…Players will create their own creature in the Creature Creator and then evolve this creature by making friends, defeating enemies and exploring the galaxy on a quest to find new evolutionary paths and save their home world. Along the way, they can record all the species they’ve encountered using the Spore Species Guide, trade and collect custom created creatures and earn badges for accomplishing a variety of tasks.

Wright added that the aesthetic look of Spore on the Nintendo DS will also differ to that of its counterparts, while any creatures that players create can be shared with friends, either to buddy up with or attack other gamers.

Speaking of the Nintendo Wii version, again to NewsWeek, Wright explained how the console’s motion controls were integral to the type of experience players will gain from Spore on said format:

“…What interests me about the Wii is that in some sense you have a much higher bandwith controller than you have with any other console or even a PC… it should really feel like I’m puppeteering this creature very directly, as opposed to I’m just indirectly controlling with a few buttons here and there. The rest of the design is totally going to evolve around that.

A lot of the prototyping they’ve been doing is, “How do we make you feel like you have the most control over this creature, even in a very subtle ways, by moving this controller around?” and then make the gameplay serve that…

Spore was originally a working title, suggested by developer Ocean Quigley, for the game which was first referred to by the general public as Sim Everything. Even though Sim Everything was a first choice name for Wright, the title Spore stuck. It’s development began way back in 2000, and it was eventually officially unveiled at E3 in 2005.

Given the Nintendo Wii version was not mentioned on today’s press release, we’d guess that its launch date differs to that of the Nintendo DS. As soon as we receive any further information, we’ll let you know. digg: newsvine: furl: reddit: fark: Y!: gamegrep:

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