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Total Wii sales will top Xbox 360’s in US by June says Nintendo president

Nintendo president, Reggie “I’m about kicking ass, I’m about taking names” Fils-Aimes has never been one to mince his words, but latest choice quote might be a bit of a tall order. The firm’s US boss has claimed that by June this year, the Nintendo Wii will have shifted more units in the territory than the Microsoft Xbox 360.

In a Bloomberg article full of long words, numbers and complicated financial stuff that we don’t really understand (“Nintendo, which counts the Americas as its biggest market, advanced 4.1 percent to 53,300 yen, the highest since Jan. 23″), Fils-Aime is quoted as saying:

“The Wii will surpass the Xbox 360 in total U.S. sales by June, helped by video-game titles including Super Smash Bros. Brawl.”

The Nintendo Wii currently sits 1.6 million units behind the Microsoft Xbox 360 in North America, and there are a total of 18 weeks until the stated June deadline (that’s if we’re talking the end of the month). Mathematically this means that Nintendo would need to outsell the rival console by a total of 320,000 units each month in order to surpass its total unit sales in the region.

Bit of a pipe dream even considering support from the likes of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Kart Wii and Wii Fit? Probably.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Wii sales will top Xbox 360's in US by June says Nintendo president digg:Total Wii sales will top Xbox 360's in US by June says Nintendo president newsvine:Total Wii sales will top Xbox 360's in US by June says Nintendo president furl:Total Wii sales will top Xbox 360's in US by June says Nintendo president reddit:Total Wii sales will top Xbox 360's in US by June says Nintendo president fark:Total Wii sales will top Xbox 360's in US by June says Nintendo president Y!:Total Wii sales will top Xbox 360's in US by June says Nintendo president gamegrep:Total Wii sales will top Xbox 360's in US by June says Nintendo president

10 comments on 'Total Wii sales will top Xbox 360’s in US by June says Nintendo president'

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Comment by bob dole on 2008-02-21 21:15:18 | Reply

im a nintendogg, but that aint gonna happen. they’d need to sell 1 mill extra systems with kart and smash bros. hey, why not have smash kart?

Comment by Callum on 2008-02-21 23:26:15 | Reply

Thats pretty out there even for nintendo. For a start nintendo need to get there act together with wiiware. Secondly, it needs to improve the current trend of first party games as well as encouraging third party developers to create better games. Its got along way to go yet, and if proof was anything my wii is sitting redundant whilst I wait for some decent games to come out. However, im enjoying the marvel of live. COD 4 :D all the way.

Comment by Jameriquai on 2008-02-21 23:35:15 | Reply

I would say that this is an attainable goal. The limiting factor for Nintendo is its current, limited production capacity of Wiis. If they could make enough to satisfy demand the number would be reached easily. I don’t even know of anybody who wants an Xbox360. They either want a Wii or a PS3, and who wouldn’t? What does the 360 have to offer in the coming months software-wise? Nothing. While the Wii has Brawl, Mario Kart, and Fit. PS3 will see GT5: Prologue, GTAIV (which I’m sure will be better for PS3 vs. 360), and MGS4 on the horizon. Also, Microsoft recently announced production shortages of there own, which may hinder sales for them.

When I look at the market I see no real compelling reason to get an Xbox other than Halo3. Now maybe if they cut the prices on it, it might generate more interest/sales and hold off Wii. But if Wii doesn’t surpass 360 in june it will happen by the end of the year, it’s a guarantee

Comment by Callum on 2008-02-21 23:40:16 | Reply

It seems we have abit of a dillema then. The xbox 360 has the most accessible online fuctionality so far. The wiis friend code system is crap and so is the PS3 Network. People are buying PS3 as a cheap alternative to a blue ray player. The xbox 360 is home to some of the best FPS Bioshock The Darkness Halo 3 COD 4 and many more. Brawl, wii fit and mario kart are all first party software. Wheres the third party stuff i c? nowere. Even though No more Heroes will cover the hardcore side of things the wii is suffering from a slew of ports and casual games. In my opinion, xbox 360 is my fave console at the mo, it mite change but i dont c that happening anytime soon. U wait 6 months down the line, the wii will be saturated with casuaul ware.

Comment by Griffin on 2008-02-22 01:30:49 | Reply

Why dont you look at the calendar moron before you open your mouth. First off Microsofts GTA 4 will be better not just because of the extra content but becuase you wont have to dl 5 gb of data to your hard drive heck just about every game looks better on 360. So you wouldnt say Ninja Gaiden 2, Fable 2, Gears 2, Too Human and many others are nothing, heck ill put just Gears 2 up to anything ps3 has to offer. GT5 is gonna crap like the last offering they gave in the form of a dl and Mgs 4 is gonna be the biggest let down of all. Heck wheres the multiplayer at in it? Ill give it half of the sales of Gears if that. As for Wii i dont need to say anything cause thats just something for people who cant afford a real system or who really dont care about videogames, heck my grandmother has one lol

Comment by Callum on 2008-02-22 13:00:51 | Reply

dude i dont no were that game from. I was just discussing the online service of both consoles as well as the functions of the PS3. I was comparing both wii and 360 games as well. I dont disagree that the graphics on the 360 do look betr but PS3 and 360 are roughly the same in horsepower. There are some gr8 games ahead for 360, but I was arguing that the wii is suffering from casual and shoverlware issues. Nuthin else. Wii is something very special, it’s just that third party devlopers are not grasping the concept very well at the mo.

Comment by detroit adam on 2008-02-22 21:46:08 | Reply

ur an idiot i have a 360 and a Wii and i happen to like them both

Comment by Callum on 2008-02-22 21:50:17 | Reply

its down to your opinion at the end of the day m8. I love wii too, i enjoy wii sports, red steal and zack and wiki games that would jus wrk for that system. The 360 is awesome too. :)

Comment by Alex on 2008-02-22 03:28:13 | Reply

Lol, so Wii is for people that canĀ“t afford a real system (derogatory as hell) or don’t care about videogames (talking about moron)? I agree that 360 has better incoming software but you just can’t compare 360 and Wii. They’re just too different and look for different ways to entertain you. I own both and have had as much fun playing Mario galaxy/No more heroes as playing Mass Effect/Halo. The industry of videogames is becoming very varied and it’s becoming like comparing music of different genres. U can compare the sales but u can’t say that one is better than the other.

Comment by Callum on 2008-02-22 12:56:43 | Reply

I suppose your right. Mass Effect/Halo when compared to Mario/No more heroes are both incredibly different. One has more stylised graphics were as the other two are more realistic. These are all awesome games, just haven’t had the chance to play no more heroes yet. Im no moron, jus sharing my opinion of what gamers like me share. Even though 360 and wii are very different consoles, they still need to offer something for the nintendo traditionalists out there. Unlike the 360 which offers something for everyone examples of this is scene it, viva pinuta as well as live arcade playin host to alot of different games. This is something that Nintendo could learn from. If they want to go ahead of microsoft in terms of sales then they need to cater for all audiences and ramp up production. This is being logical here, guys. :D

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