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Why the Wii will outlast the PS3 and Xbox 360

When Nintendo first announced the Wii (or Revolution as it was originally known) at the Electronics Entertainment Expo way back in May 2005, many critics scoffed at how the console’s technology paled in comparison to the might of the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3. The unveiling of the machine as Wii (remember all the hilarious jokes and puns?) and its motion-sensing controls were also looked upon with doubt in some quarters. How wrong they were. Fast forward a couple of years and the machine is in an unprecedented position of strength within the industry. How has all this happened, you ask? Let Nintendic spell out the Wii’s magic formula and how we reckon Nintendo has got it right this time, enough so to make sure that the Wii will last long enough to outlive the PS3 and 360.

Innovative Controls

There is no denying that the Nintendo Wii’s motion controls and pointer technology haven’t yet revolutionised the way we play all games. Whether this is down to developer laziness when it comes to conjuring up innovative ways to use motion controls, or just that certain experiences just don’t agree with what the Wii Remote and Nunchuck have to offer is, little over a year after the console’s release, too early to judge. However, if what we have seen so far is anything to go by, the future is looking really quite exciting.

Metroid Prime 3’s first-person shooter control mechanics trump any other efforts on rival consoles so far; Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure has revitalised the point-and-click genre; Pro Evolution Soccer 2008: Playmaker has shaken up the sport in virtual terms and taken it in a completely new direction for the first time in a decade; Super Mario Galaxy, while relying little on motion controls manages to blend them flawlessly into an epic, critically acclaimed adventure, and that’s not discounting the huge strides that Wii Sports has made in forcing us all to look at the way we play videogames in the home in general.

There are numerous other examples, for sure, but those aforementioned display obvious progression in a relatively short amount of time, and a firm basis for others to follow on from. By comparison, Microsoft hasn’t shown very much interest in implementing motion controls, and the PlayStation 3’s SixAxis controller tilt-sensitivity really hasn’t taken off amongst developers.

Games for Everyone

Nintendo’s philosophy has always been to create games that everyone, no matter what their age, could enjoy. However, with the launch of the Sony PlayStation in 2000, a console that kick-started a new era in which gaming ‘grew up’ and where titles aimed squarely at teens and adults (Grand Theft Auto, Resident Evil, Gran Turismo) proliferated the market, the majority of Nintendo’s merry bunch of mascots and characters (and consoles) were almost instantly and exclusively tarred with the ‘kiddy’ brush. With the DVD disc format dominating and the GameCube launching looking like a child’s lunchbox, the situation was looking more than a little gloomy.

Along came Wii, and in something of a stroke of genius - or obvious business tactics - porting the hugely successful Touch! Generations series and others from the Nintendo DS (Big Brain Academy, Cooking Mama instantly spring to mind) to the console has made the home console much more accessible to so-called non-gamers than the PS3 and Xbox 360. A proliferation of casual software might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the high sales generated by them inevitably encourage companies to create a variety of different gaming genres for the console.

The huge success of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles, exclusive Dragon Quest RPGs, Bully: Scholarship Edition and the re-emergence of 2K Sports’ franchises are all proof of this so far - a blend of genres and fingers in multiple pies that made the PlayStation brand so successful, and the type of games that the GameCube largely missed out on. Meanwhile, the Xbox 360’s extensive library is continues to be saturated with first-person shooters and bland action-adventures, while its creator’s attempts to expand its audience and attract casual gamers (Scene It and Viva Pinata anyone?) really hasn’t made much of an impact. Sony, meanwhile, has recently admitted that, frustratingly, it has seen the likes of Buzz!, Singstar and EyeToy overshadowed by Nintendo’s latest advances.

Third Party Support

Undoubtedly, one of the major reasons why Nintendo’s failed to dominate with both the Nintendo 64 and GameCube was down to a lack of consistent and plentiful support from third party developers. Citing the GameCube specifically, despite a strong first-party showing (Pikmin, Metroid Prime, Wind Waker et. al), there remained a desperate lack of quality third party games to pad out the release schedules while Nintendo took its time working away on its own projects.

Nintendo promised to learn from its mistakes with the Wii, and despite a reserved start from a number of important software houses such as Electronic Arts, companies such as Ubisoft (Rayman Raving Rabbids) and Capcom (Resident Evil 4) have proven that third party titles can sell well alongside Nintendo’s own efforts - both over a million so far. What’s more, the opportunity for gameplay invention on the machine has also attracted developers who have shied away from Nintendo in recent years. Square Enix (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers), Capcom (Monster Hunter 3), THQ (Deadly Creatures), SEGA (NiGHTS), Majesco (Major Minor’s Majestic March), Grasshopper Interactive (No More Heroes) are just a few examples of early third party alliances.

In addition, all-important multi-format releases are also present: the likes of Guitar Hero, Rock Band, FIFA and the like, the staple franchises that any console requires for continued success. Add to all of this the WiiWare Channel, to which Nintendo has adopted a very relaxed approach to welcoming and regulating independent developers, and the third party situation for Nintendo as a whole is looking better now than ever.

Clever Pricing

There is a fine line between consumers judging your product as a toy or a videogames console, especially in terms of its RRP – something Nintendo learnt to its detriment with the GameCube. Considering the original Xbox and PlayStation 2 both launched for $299 USD, the Cube’s $199 USD price tag was unnervingly cheap in comparison. Coupled with multiple price drops in order to make up lost ground on its competitors and its blocky handbag look, the situation was pretty grim.

Pitching its price a little higher with the Wii ($249 USD) and still making a profit off each machine sold, it seems as if a healthy middle ground has been discovered. Not only is it a sturdily-priced console, but it significantly undercuts the shelf cost of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. What’s more, the Wii’s software is cheaper than its rivals (both to develop and sell), so it’s no wonder that the console has been almost consistently sold out for over a year, especially considering gaming is such an expensive hobby.

That Nintendo Magic

Whatever anyone thinks of Nintendo-developed games as a whole, there can be no denying that the Japanese firm is responsible for creating some of the most popular, innovative, imaginative and enjoyable videogaming hardware and software of all time. As a result, they also have some of the most loyal fans in the business, who will support their wares no matter what, because they know it is the type of experience they will only get on a Nintendo machine. While Microsoft and Sony both have firms developing exclusively for their machines, Nintendo’s in-depth knowledge of its own creation as well as its flair for game design is a very attractive recipe, indeed.

With the likes of Super Mario Galaxy, Wii Sports, WarioWare: Smooth Moves, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption already wowing audiences and titles such as Wi Fit, Mario Kart Wii and Disaster: Day of Crisis all on way, the Nintendo Wii will continue to be the home for titles that simply won’t be on offer anywhere else.

Technology Ain’t the Be All and End All

There is, of course, the argument that the Nintendo Wii’s inferior processing power in comparison to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 could be its Achilles’ heel in the long run. To that, we direct your gaze towards the PlayStation 2. It celebrates its eighth birthday this year and despite boasting last-generation graphics it continues to sell phenomenally well across the globe, easily competing with today’s latest machines. Photo-realistic visuals are great, don’t get us wrong, but judging by the Nintendo Wii’s success so far and the longevity of the PlayStation 2, polygon counts, bump mapping and draw distance obviously don’t matter one iota to the hefty majority of consumers. And even when the strength of sales does inevitably wane, a sneaky little price drop will no doubt see it leaping up again.

After a couple of videogame generations in which Nintendo really appeared to have lost the plot, the Wii is already displaying an unprecedented return to form for the Kyoto-based firm. While Microsoft and Sony continue to slog it out in wars over technological prowess, Nintendo has snuck up from behind and unleashed a surprise attack that no one saw coming – one that looks likely to see it regain its crown at the top of the industry tree for the first time in many, many years. As long as Nintendo continues to promote the Wii as a console that offers experiences like no one else can, in the future we could very well see it plodding on long after its rivals have peaked and fallen. the Wii will outlast the PS3 and Xbox 360 digg:Why the Wii will outlast the PS3 and Xbox 360 newsvine:Why the Wii will outlast the PS3 and Xbox 360 furl:Why the Wii will outlast the PS3 and Xbox 360 reddit:Why the Wii will outlast the PS3 and Xbox 360 fark:Why the Wii will outlast the PS3 and Xbox 360 Y!:Why the Wii will outlast the PS3 and Xbox 360 gamegrep:Why the Wii will outlast the PS3 and Xbox 360
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244 comments on 'Why the Wii will outlast the PS3 and Xbox 360'

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Comment by Mornelithe on 2008-03-05 20:17:26 | Reply

I prefer the PSEye for motion sensing…it’s far more innovative than a hand-held.

Comment by Waldo on 2008-03-06 10:28:57 | Reply

I think the main emphasis here is on price and the control mechanism. Don’t forget that in about 12 months both PS3 and 360 will be much cheaper. In fact the baseline 360 will be cheaper than the Wii this year, here in the UK.

With the Motus Darwin controller on the horizon (PS3/360/PC), the Wiimote will have some stiff competition. Darwin tracks motion using gyroscopes, accelerometers and a compass, which allows it to track absolute motion without the need for a sensor bar like the Wiimote

The Wii still doesn’t have many AAA third party titles, and how long can the Mario franchise stay fresh?

Nintendo need to start preparing for a market change. They should be working on some kick-ass new hardware if they need to stay in front.

Wii also has limited online support and no real defence against Xbox live / PS3 home environment. Despite the fact you have to pay for live and home isn’t here yet. but I think E3 will show us a lot more of home. Online play is important to gamers.

Comment by churlish on 2008-03-05 20:33:39 | Reply

The “success of the gamecube”?????

Comment by bigd on 2008-03-05 20:38:09 | Reply

The Wii is great for a wiile but the novelty has started to wear a little thin now. I mainly use the PS3 for quality gaming experiences, multiplayer etc and the Wii for easy, non immersive family gaming though the only title that we really all play together is Wii sports so we dont spend much on software for it.

Comment by Joe on 2008-03-05 20:41:09 | Reply

Please tell me what quality game experience you get from the PS3

Comment by OMEN on 2008-03-05 23:13:19 | Reply

what are u dummb?
ps3 has far better games than wii and it has the best graphics…don’t hate

Comment by Slayer64 on 2008-03-06 01:16:09 | Reply

your telling him not to hate?, no more heros has outscored everything on ps3

Comment by Sagarat on 2008-03-06 02:02:56 | Reply

Everything? I beg to illuminate:

Metacritic scores:
No More Heros - 8.4
Warhawk - 8.4
Unreal Tournament 3 - 8.6
Resistance FOM - 8.6
Uncharted Drakes Fortune - 8.8
Ninga Gaiden Sigma - 8.8
Ratched and Clank - 8.8

So remember, it is all only opinion, but yours is in the minority.

Comment by Joe on 2008-03-06 08:38:41 | Reply

I’m not hating, I too have a ps3, as well as a Wii and 360. BUT the best graphics. Between the 3 I think 360 has the best and smoothest. PS3 and Wii equally have there best titles as well as 360. Nintendos is just the most innovative and sometimes more entertaining with friends.

Comment by B-Mac on 2008-03-06 21:21:47 | Reply

How ironic. You call him dumb when you spell “you” as “u”, “dumb” as “dummb”, and forget to put a “,” between you and dumb. That’s funny hahah. What’s even more funny is that you tried to use graphics in your argument against the Wii. Don’t you know that gameplay matters MUCH more than graphics?

You might want to find more scores from different major critics before you truly want to “illuminate”. It doesn’t exactly work with just one.

Comment by John on 2008-03-07 04:13:13 | Reply

Yet again you fail to do your “homework”.

Do you understand what Metacritic does? They compile scores from every reviewer and give an average score.

So the scores are legitimate as they are from numerous critics. He also left out a few games which scored higher then “No More Heroes”.

Majority of the scores for Wii games are fairly low due to poor/crap 3rd party games. This is because there is no market for them. Gamasutra did a study and found that less then half of the Wii install base are accessible to the 3rd party developers as most only buy the first party games or none at all (only bought it for Wii sports).

Comment by taka on 2008-03-05 20:49:24 | Reply

i don’t know about you guys, but unless your a diehard nintendo fanboy, the novelty of the wii wears off a few months after purchasing it.

Comment by Brian on 2008-03-05 21:05:32 | Reply

Lol! @ “The success of the GameCube” and “Third party support”. Most third party support is from EA (They’re whores who would make games on the NES still, if they could make money), and no name studios that make garbage titles (go to and look at all the reviews for Wii games and check out how plentiful scores in the 1s and 2s are. ;]) All the big name multiplatform releases are on Wii? My ass. Where’s Call of Duty 4, The Orange Box, Devil May Cry 4, Burnout Paradise, Grand Theft Auto IV, Resident Evil 4, etc? o_O;

Comment by SeanMi on 2008-05-03 20:51:21 | Reply

I’m getting sick of all the bad mouthing on EA. They do have some great games like the Sims and MoH heros 2 (If anyone has it besides the guy I’m replying to, send me a friend request, my persona is RedGazelle).

Comment by Brian on 2008-03-05 21:06:20 | Reply

*Edit: Resident Evil 5

Comment by Rage on 2008-03-05 21:19:12 | Reply

The only longevity my Wii provides, is buying games I already have on the Virtual Console…so I can have them on one console.

Comment by will.... i hate the xbox on 2008-03-05 21:21:39 | Reply

the wii is shit, it’s a fisher price toy, the wii will suffer the same fate as the game cube, the 360 is already dead, the wii is a gamecube with motion sensing and online play(which as of the other day is not free anymore), the ps3 has the games the wii has innovative, fun, family but in HD. don’t forget what made the ps2 a success: it’s games, the ps2 won the 6th gen war because it had the best games, most of these games are coming back on the ps3 in 2008 and 2009, third party support for the wii sucks, i havnt found more than 5 games that i like, on the ps3 ive found over 1 hundred and none on the 360 although some r good.
You nintendo and microsoft fans will soon see that the ps3 is superior give it 1 yr or 2.

Comment by OMEN on 2008-03-05 23:17:08 | Reply

same hire,360 and ps3 will piss on wii.

Comment by VADER10892 on 2008-05-02 23:34:17 | Reply

“The 360 is already dead” what are you talking about,it is not going any where soon,but PS3 on the other hand is being pissed on by the Wii and the 360,i see PS3 dying first, PS2 was a great system but the past is the past, today PS3 is TP to me, i am whipping ass with it, NOW “will…. i hate the xbox” go back to playstatic and go to a corner and SOB like the bitch you are, leave the wii alone and stop bitching on how the ps3 has only a few game that are good, but GTA4 is great on any system.

Comment by mgv on 2008-03-05 21:24:06 | Reply

I give it one more year of BIG sales since the only real reason it sells more than the others is because of the price difference. Why do you think the PS3 started selling just as many 360s soon after the price drop.

I think it will always sell in Japan cause it’s home just like the 360 will sell more than PS3 in the US. Once the prices of all 3 consoles are closer together, which will probably be after 2 more 360 and PS3 pricedrops, the sales will drop past the others. But then we’ll possibly see the Wii go for $150 by that time.

Comment by will.... i hate the xbox on 2008-03-05 21:26:38 | Reply

well said mgv!!!

Comment by coco on 2008-03-05 21:27:27 | Reply

@brian. I think it means less emphasis on 360/PS3 multiformat releases that you mention, and more on the ones that Nintendo has missed out until late like Guitar Hero, Rockband, 2K Sports.

I also see more imagination for upcoming games on Wii than the bigger games on the other consoles, that’s what appeals to me. Just look at Boom Blox, De Blob, We Ski, Wii Fit.. alongside the likes of Fatal Frame, R: UC, Deadly Creatures etc.

Even if Wii doesn’t outlast PS3/360, despite the headstart in the 360s case it has a very good chance of selling more.

Comment by Phil on 2008-03-05 21:30:33 | Reply

You’re joking, right? There are two reasons the Wii has been successful: price, and broad demographic appeal (driven by simple gaming experiences and intuitive controls.) 3rd party support is not a strength of Nintendo generally, and it hasn’t changed with the Wii…. developers still develop their mainstream titles for Sony and MS first, as tehir development environments are more demanding. Wii has an achiles heel…and that’s high definition. Consumers expectations and awareness of HD are increasing, and that tends to sway purchasers towards the HD consoles. The PS3 in particular benefits from the HD market due to the inclusion of the triumphant Blu-Ray player. This will impact the longevity of the Wii appeal, and the investment for Nintendo to go HD is very significant… they will actually need to produce a 3rd generation console, instead of a 2.5 genration, which requires faster processors, better graphics, and more memory…that will result in a new development environment can cause problems maintaining backward compatibility. MS and Sony have made that step, and Nintendo hasn’t. Finally, while the 360 is niched in terms of game appeal, the PS3 actually has a much broader appeal than the Wii through not just HD/media support, and hand-held integration with the PSP, but with titles such as Home, LittleBigPlanet, Singstar, Echochrome etc. plus not just motion sensing controllers and games, but also motion capture via video. In short, Wii has a broad demographic now… bur the PS3 has a broader application/gaming appeal, plus a longer in-market life time. Go ahead and play with your Wii now, but in 12-24 months Wii owners will have grown bored and be looking enviously at the sales and appeal of the high definition PS3.

I personally think Nintendo is going to be stuck in a loop whole. How often does grammy check the Nintendo site for the lastest games? Really think about this the console is selling not the games.

Yes Pac-Man is addicting but there is a time when you want to be updated. The audience that they have don’t know about anything else related to the Wii.

The Wii is a good console but there is going to be a point when people want to move forward. The PlayStation 2 is still selling but PLAYSTATION Home is where the action is going to be. PlayStation 2 isn’t going to be strong forever people are going to move on. They don’t even have a strong online to even help them.

Comment by Mobius on 2008-03-05 22:07:17 | Reply

third party support? give me a break all third party game have been average to mediocre….Wii strenght is in first party game which are the only one that are trully innovative…the wii will never outlast the PS3 NEVER, I have both consoles, and i barely touch my Wii if it wasnt for maio galaxi, zelda ,and Brawl. My Ps3 get most of my playtime due to it s better multiplayer games and better quality games.

Comment by Charles on 2008-03-05 22:24:26 | Reply

It is funny to see some of the comments. I agree with this article. Wii is the console to own this gen.Wii software is usually number 1 in sales. PS3 is mainly used for just movies and software sales shows that.Wii has more 3rd party support than PS3 and 360.The Wii is only a little over a year old and most dev’s were avoiding it. Expect to hear a lot by the end of this year about Wii development. When I hear the power argument from people I think backa few years to when the DS and PSP were coming out. People called the DS a gimmick that would fall to the more powerful PSP. Yet now a few years later the DS is number 1 with double the sales of the PSP and way more 3rd party support.

Comment by OMEN on 2008-03-05 23:34:34 | Reply

uhhhh no your wrong,BLURAY is not used ONLY for movies,its used for games.
ds and psp,wel nintendo always had the power on handhelds.psp in new and its not saleing that BAD,just wait for the PSP-2.
if u got a different console u wouldn’t be talking crap,i used to have the wii,but i gave it to a little kid like 1 week ego,never played it cuz there is only one game that i like;boreing console i ever known.
360 and PS3 are more fun.

Really nintendo fanboys stop comparing the wii to the x360 or PS3 even if the wii sells a billion console it doesnt matter even nintendo them selfs said it at e3, the wii is not next gen. its new gen.

i know wii is the biggest dissapointment in gaming history, i owned my for like 8 months already have used it i easily 6 months already, theres nothing really hardcore to play here just mini games and ports of games i already played last gen.

you know theres a problem when the biggest wii game this year smash bros isnt using the motion sencing in the wii, the only thing thats special about it.

Comment by JustAGamer on 2008-03-05 22:52:43 | Reply

I think this analysis is dead on.

Scream all you want about it, but the Wii IS outselling the PS3 and 360, and it still hasn’t caught up with demand. I see it as the PS2 of this generation (lots and lots of sales, tons of software, long life span).

If you don’t like all of the great games available for it, it’s not for you :)

But it is the console of choice for people like me and my family.

I used to be a “hard core gamer” (I own/owned a PS1, PS2, XBox, GameCube, N64, DreamCast, and some older stuff). I still play some Hardcore stuff (Portal and Team Fortress 2 recently).

So far, this generation, I’ve got a Wii.

I’ve played games on my brother’s 360. I just haven’t seen anything worth buying it for (other than RockBand, and that’s coming for the Wii later this year).

But, on the Wii, we have these exclusives: Zelda:TP, Super Paper Mario, Metroid Prime 3, Super Mario Galaxy, Fire Emblem (not fancy, but one of the better strategy/RPG titles I’ve played), and Smash Brothers Brawl.

There’s been other 3rd party games that everyone has (Guitar Hero 3, Madden, Medal of Honor, etc.).

We also have a bunch of lesser titles, more for my daughter and for parties (Endless Oceans, Wii Sports, Wario Ware, Raving Rabbids, MySims, all the but the last 2 were Nintendo only as well).

Is the Wii the “best” console? Not even worth debating (too subjective).

But it is a good system for a good price, with a lot of good games…and it appeals to all types of gamers (Non- , Casual, Core, as well as Hard Core).

All types of gamers is a larger market than a small subset of gamers, and that’s why the Wii will outsell every other console available.

Get over it.

Comment by Umbale on 2008-03-06 18:35:11 | Reply

your just a sheep who cant afford a ps3, Nintendo have fooled you in to buying a cheap outdated hardware with a motion sensing stick. The novelty will wear of when the ps3 starts getting all the plaudits and is in your price range. I applaud Nintendo for exploiting the stupidity of millions. Did you know in people have multiple wii’s just so they can have one in a different color. Does this not strike you as fad. Ill bet you will buy a stand alone blue ray player. When you do ask yourself this i could have had realistic challenging games and a blue-ray player. Now all iv’e got is a wii collecting dust and overpriced high definition player.

Comment by SeanMi on 2008-05-03 21:06:07 | Reply

Cut the crap. The PS3 has no good games while the wii has great games with mario an zelda. The PS3 also costs way more then the wii, and all you get is blue ray. The consle war is between X-box and PS3. The wii is out selling them both because people want a good deal at what their getting. The people who own a wii are not stupid.

Comment by jonny on 2008-03-05 22:55:21 | Reply

wii suxs wtf

Comment by B-Mac on 2008-03-05 23:10:26 | Reply

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!!! Look at all of the wittle PS3/360 fanboys scweaming about the twuth. This article is 100% true. All you sore-loser fanboys post biased claims against it, but guess what, it doesn’t make a difference. You are still laughed at by the more mature. PS3/360 is still gettin served by the Wii. Get over it. You lost.

Comment by J on 2008-03-05 23:18:15 | Reply

I say Paystation 3!

I know people who only buy it because of
the Blu-Ray capabilty and NOT because of the games!

What good games are availabile for the PS3-Really NOT MANY!

Even when Re5/GTA 4 comes out-Ive still played Zelda,Metroid3 and Galaxy WAY before anything is happening!

Yes Wii=PS2 of this Gen!

I bet even Re5 will come a later date to the Wii and later GTA 4 is coming to the PC=No reason to buy a Paystation 3!


Comment by OMEN on 2008-03-05 23:42:02 | Reply

smart one,blue ray is for games too.
i bet u dont even know waht a cell processor is.

Comment by J on 2008-03-06 15:26:56 | Reply

Actually i´m very Tech savvy-I know what a cell Processor is and also know that the PS3 has a modifyed G71 Chip a Wii a modifyed R520 Chip and the Xbox 360 a derivat from the HD2900XT.

Still doesnt change my opion of the PS3.

Its overrated(gameswise) and is far too expensiv for the masses.

great games arent there too…

Wii is this Gens PS2!

Same with the shovelware too….

Comment by B-Mac on 2008-03-05 23:24:13 | Reply

Here’s another section that should have been added to the article to further prove it right.

Backward Compatibility

Just think about it. The PS3’s backward compatibility barely works. The 360’s backward compatibility doesn’t a large number of games that you can use BC to play, and it’s arcade is not very popular. The Wii’s backward compatibility is top-notch. You can play any gamecube game on the wii AND select from the best games of Nintendo’s past in an ever-growing Shop Channel. Plus, you can also get games from non-Nintendo consoles on the Shop Channel too.

Just another reason why Wii wins.

the wii is shit, it’s a fisher price toy, the wii will suffer the same fate as the game cube, the 360 is already dead, the wii is a gamecube with motion sensing and online play(which as of the other day is not free anymore), the ps3 has the games the wii has innovative, fun, family but in HD. don’t forget what made the ps2 a success: it’s games, the ps2 won the 6th gen war because it had the best games, most of these games are coming back on the ps3 in 2008 and 2009, third party support for the wii sucks, i havnt found more than 5 games that i like, on the ps3 ive found over 1 hundred and none on the 360 although some r good.
You nintendo and microsoft fans will soon see that the ps3 is superior give it 1 yr or 2.

This is nothing but sour grapes. Get over it, the PS3 has lost this war. The statistics you read in the news prove this. In Japan, the Wii has outsold the PS3 4-1! A PS3 for 500?!! Who has the money to buy one?

Comment by bob on 2008-03-06 01:07:08 | Reply

what are you talking about, online play not free. Last time I checked which was today online play was free.

Comment by manlymen on 2008-03-06 06:59:35 | Reply

what made the ps2 win the 6th gen ‘wars’ was because it sold more than the other consoles, exactly what the wii is doing now.
go cry yourself to sleep cradling your shitty dual shock you little fan boy

Comment by will.... i hate the xbox on 2008-03-06 14:46:46 | Reply

i had the money to buy 1, and the ps3 is far better than the wii.

Comment by Kyle on 2008-03-05 23:57:58 | Reply

It doesn’t matter what anyone says. Just look at the facts. The wii has been out selling the PS3 4 to 1 for over a year and its going strong. It has passed the lifetime sales of the Xbox 360 after a year head start.

The wii is this generations PS2, it will be the console bought years into the next generation.

The PS3 is the black sheep. Sony needs to learn how to cater to non-hardcore gamers. It started at a $500 price tag. Ridiculous. They need to trash the PS3 and go to work on the PS4.

The PS3 will not catch the wii or Xbox in lifetime sales.

I have a PS3, 360, and wii, We only use the PS3 as a blu-ray player. The 360 gets a descent amount of play, but I have 4 younger siblings and we’re all hyper competitive. So naturally, the wii, which is a party console, gets the most use.

Metroid, galaxy, and zelda all got played until they were beaten. For the last year and a half, MK: double dash and SSB melee got more play then any wii game (not joking or exagerating)

With “Brawl” and “Mario Kart wii” coming out soon, It will be a year or two before we see any kind of comeback from the PS3.

Comment by james on 2008-04-02 19:44:46 | Reply

It Doesn’t matter that the WII is outselling ps3 and 360, the competition for the wii is ps2. Wii is just really late in the game.

what you young guys fail to realize most people are not hardcore gamers as you guys are. thats why wii is doing so well with casual gamers and for people that like old school games. “simple and easy playing games” everybody dont like playing a game going around blowing people or aliens head off.

Comment by Devil_Bunny on 2008-03-06 00:02:24 | Reply

ps3 = 2 teraflops a clock and they use it for doing crazy simulations like finding out what happens when two black holes collide… hardware wise its the best…

games tho are not that great… but metal gear solid 4 should be sweet… they couldnt even fit the entire game on a 50 gig blu ray disk (sized down the audio and removed diff languages). and the new FF games… well if they ever get here they should be sweet.

I would buy a wii just for the fun of virtual games until nintendo come out with re-born old school games. I hate hardcore games they are disgusting. yes Im old school so what!!!

Comment by Grover on 2008-03-06 00:05:15 | Reply

I think most people forget, that the GC had the same wonderful start to its lifetime. Then.. 2 yrs after launch… nothing. The ‘cheapness’ of the system couldnt save it from lacklustre sales. It sold over 80% of its entire sales in the first 18 months - so, before you Wii fans go stupid about how good the first year was, remember the current instance looks very similar to the previous one.

Maybe in 12 months time we will know for sure if the Wii is truly dominating, or just a ‘fad’. Im betting its just a cheap fad, and has no longevity - because it is already looking very dated.

I read somewhere nintendo is coming out with nintendo e.x in 2012 the new console so its not dead by a mile haaaaaaa

Comment by Evan on 2008-03-06 00:14:04 | Reply

Comparing the Wii to the PS3 or X360 is like comparing a bicycle to an automobile. Both are good products, but they are built for different customers. Ultimately, the Wii is good for the PS3 because it brings non-gamers into the market who will eventually want to upgrade. Think of it this way: I know of no PS3 owner who would trade their PS3 for a Wii, but I know lots of Wii owners (especially pre-teens and teens) who are now clamoring for a PS3.

Comment by nyte on 2008-03-06 00:21:59 | Reply

The Wii is fun, and will win…

Eventually all the little boys and girls crying for the 360 and ps3 will realize something, there both shat compared to PC’s.

If your a true hardcore gamer, you own a PC (that you self built, not order from dell after asking for the “fastest kumpewtar” available).

Face it, consoles are ghetto computers, if your ghetto and proud, show your support for the 360 and ps3, if your not ghetto, you own a PC and probably bought a Wii to enjoy with friends and maybe a couple specific titles.

Like it or not, the Wii will win. But really, its only winning over ghetto computers…

Comment by manlymen on 2008-03-06 07:02:23 | Reply

well said

Comment by J on 2008-03-06 15:29:30 | Reply

Excatly like i have done since 2000.

First a N64/PC,then a Gamecube/PC and now a PC/Wii -at the moment my Wii is being used more(even with my new 8800GT) than my gaming PC….

Comment by Wii FTW on 2008-03-06 00:51:17 | Reply

I love the reaction from the 360 and ps3 fanboys, I admit I don’t own a ps3 so I won’t say much about it but I do own a 360…. well this is technicaly my fourth one and im pretty sure you all know why.

The wii is seriously under-credited when it comes to its hard core games, it has alot thats ONLY on its console Metroid Prime (best FPS control scheme ever) Mario galaxy (now voted the best game ever, I bet if the 360 had the best game ever everyone would be like 360 RULEZ THIZ R PROVE3 DAT IT IZ GR8TEST” but when the wii gets the best game ever 360 fanboys and ps3 fanboys try to block this out of their head while shouting “LA LA LA LA LA”….. ITS BEEN VOTED THE BEST DAM GAME OF ALL TIME HOW MUCH HARDCORE CAN A GAME GET?!!?!!??!!

Then theirs RE4, Battalion wars 2, no more heores, disaster day of crisis, sonic and the secret rings (far superior to its 360 and ps3 counter parts) final fantasy chrystal chronicals, Metroid prime 3, MY sims Super smash bros brawl (if this was a 360 game you can bet that they would be crappin them selfs in anticipation of it but since its a nintendo game once again its “LA LA LA LA LA LA!!!”

oah yea and heres more Mario kart wii, Resident evil umberella chronicals, house of the dead 2 and 3, nights (a return of a much loved old classic)Zelda the twilight princess, Mario strikers charged, Excite truck (one of the most fastest racers ever, yes even faster than burnout)Super Paper Mario…..

there isnt as much as the 360 (bearing in mind it has been out for alot longer and consists almost only of shooters)and the ps3’s library isnt exactly impressive

the wii is very underated in terms of it hard core games just because the 360 has more it dosen’t mean that the wii has next to none

oah yea and Red steel 2 has been confirmed and its going to be online to.

Comment by Fanboy's Suck on 2008-03-06 01:11:36 | Reply

What some Wii owners don’t realize is that it’s 3rd party support is just horrible. Name a game on the Wii what has had more than 3 million sales besides Wii Sports or Wii Play which are both developed by Nintendo. Huh thats right none, why because the casual market does’nt buy that many of games like a hardcore. And if a game has bad sales, the developer will then not develop for that console. Which will result to poorer 3rd party support and end up like the Gamecube. The Wii is a novelty and wont last more than 3 more years. Nintend may have Japan which is a small nation by the way. Sony and Microsoft have America and Europe which is where more people live. The Wii does have good games like a port of Resident Evil 4, RE: UC, SMG, and MP3. but with games that were already available for the 360 and PS3 are finally getting PORTED to the Wii, which will result with gimmick controls, bad graphics, bad audio (like Guitar Hero 3 which is only mono sound untile they get replaced), and then will be known as a port and make money system. So then they won’t even try to develop inoovattive games for it, and just make minigames. Which can ruin the whole industry and result to no competition which will lead to less great ideas.

Comment by J on 2008-03-06 15:31:10 | Reply

Red Steel,Rayman Raving Rabbids,RE4,RE Chronicles,Zak and Wiki just too name a few GREAT titles….

Comment by I have TWO Wiis. on 2008-09-01 13:20:09 | Reply

Fanboy’s Suck PWND!!!!

Comment by John on 2008-03-06 01:11:52 | Reply

It amazes me how short sighted so many people are. What you fail to realize is that the Wii is a “niche” product. Dont believe me? Look at software sales relative to consoles sold. Nintendo is losing 3rd party support as I type this, which will in turn hurt Wii sales.

The majority of Wii systems are bought by impulse buyers, who then use it primarily for Wii sports. Fact is the Wii will share the same fate as the GameCube.

Everyone I know who bought a Wii, regrets it and never uses it. We had fun with the novelty of Wii sports and a few other 1st party titles……then we went back to the 360 and PS3.

Another problem for the Wii is online support, something it virtually does not have.

Now lets step back and look at the PS3 for a moment. Everyone and there grandma criticized it when it was first released. But look at it now, it is coming back and building momentum on a daily basis. It has already caught the 360 on weekly sales, and sold more in it’s first 14 months. It did that without any big games.

Whats to come this year? Sony has the biggest lineup period, bigger then both 360 and Wii combined. GT5, Killzone, Final Fantasy, LBP, Haze, God Of War 3, GTA4, MGS4 and many many more. All of Sony’s system selling games will be released this year. That plus the recent victory for Blu Ray will cause sales of the PS3 to keep climbing and ultimately surpass the Wii.

Just remember, the GameCube outsold the PS2 for the first year or more. Anybody remember the end of that story though? I think it went GC=35million and PS2 110million.

You need to learn to think long term, because the Wii is most certainly not in this for the long term.

Comment by manlymen on 2008-03-06 07:04:25 | Reply

what ps3 game has sold over 3 million copies?

Comment by John on 2008-03-06 07:53:52 | Reply

First you need to remember something. At the moment the Wii has 20million consoles sold compaired to the PS3’s 10.5million. This results in more software sold. This goes for explaining why multiplatform games for the 360/PS3 usually sell more on the 360.

And before you jump on that as if it is some sort of indication that the Wii will dominate long term, I yet again point you to go look at history. History will show you that the GC did the same thing to the PS2, then it died off due to a lack of 3rd party games or games for the hardcore gamers, a trend we can see happening with the Wii at the moment. No 3rd party support and no support for hardcore gamers = niche/novelty console.

When has nintendo ever made a game for the hardcore gamer? They dont, especially not villant games. The lack of this and a quality online experience are the deadly flaws of the Wii.

3 million sold eh. You realize that GT5 prologue will come close to those sales, and it’s only a demo of the game. Sony has at least 6 games all set to sell over 3m with ease.

Everyone jumped on the Wii bandwagon thinking it was revolutionary…..hardly. Just look at Nintendos biggest game this year, Brawl doesnt even use the motion controls.

Im going to call it now, the Wii fad will carry on through 2009 at which point it will hit a wall. All the old PS2 owners are waiting for the price of the PS3 to fall before they switch. This is indicated by the ridiculous ongoing sales of the PS2.

Anyone who bashed Sony’s strategy last year are currently eating there words, and will continue to do so for a long time to come.

Enjoy the Wii fad while it lasts boys.

Comment by B-Mac on 2008-03-06 21:42:39 | Reply

I yet again point you to go look at history…
…No 3rd party support and no support for hardcore gamers = niche/novelty console.”

“When has nintendo ever made a game for the hardcore gamer? They dont, especially not villant games. The lack of this and a quality online experience are the deadly flaws of the Wii.”

Bam. Found two obvious flaws in your argument. Let’s start off with the history part. History will show you that gameplay and fun has always beaten graphics in the generations of video games. The same has happened for the PS2, which is why it won. PS2 had the best gameplay and was the most fun console of last gen. Also, it had the worst graphics of the three.

It has already been proven that history repeats itself. Take a look at what is happening now. Wii has the worst graphics, but it has the best gameplay, the most innovation, and it even maintains a high “fun” level. This, combined with the reasons shown in this article, is the reason why the Wii will outlast the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Now for the “hardcore gamer” part, which I found pretty funny. There are a lot less hardcore gamers than casual gamers in the world. If the PS3 and 360 focus on hardcore gamers and the Wii didn’t, then the Wii wouldn’t be winning, by what you’re saying. But guess what, it is. Also, now that Nintendo has “some” online play, it is doing a lot better.

On a side note, it is a good thing that barely any (if not, none) of their games have online voice chat and stuff like that. The reason? You don’t have to listen to some 12 year old pre-mature kid scream and butcher the english language every time they get a kill or get killed.

Comment by John on 2008-03-07 03:39:01 | Reply

ahhhh ignorance. Your logic is heavily flawed.

First, there were no flaws in my argument, certainly not in reference to the history aspect. Truth is the Wii is not the more fun console, this is easily proven by the lack of software sales in comparison to the 360/PS3. The majority of people who bought a Wii did so for Wii sports and only use it for the rare party with friends………yep sounds like the more fun console to me.

Let’s return to Nintendo’s history. They always start off fast out the gate, then they hit a wall. Do you know why? No 3rd party support and no games for the hardcore gamer. These are the facts that you have chosen to ignore.

Also, the PS2 did not have the worst graphics of the last gen. Just take a look at God of War 2, easily looks better then any game from the GC…..hell it rivals most games on the Wii for that matter. Same can be said for GT4. It is clear you have no idea what your debating here.

History does repeat itself, but first you need to have a proper understanding of history. The PS2 had the broadest game library without question. It appealed to kids/casual gamers/hardcore gamers. The gamecube stuck to the classic Nintendo kids market, and the Xbox was focused on the hardcore gamer.

Now lets look at this round, what looks familiar? The Wii is following in the exact footsteps of the GC, it is going after kids/casual gamers and completely ignoring the hardcore gamer. The 360 has it’s main focus on the hardcore gamer but is trying to reach out more to the casual gamer (not doing a very good job). The PS3 on the other hand is sticking to the PS2 formula, lots of games over a very broad spectrum with great online (something the PS2 lacked).

So based on history repeating itself, it’s safe to say the PS3 will dominate just as the PS2 did.

“There are a lot less hardcore gamers than casual gamers in the world”

One could also say there are a lot less gamers in the world then gamers. Point your missing is that casual gamers dont buy games, history shows this over and over again. If you ignore hardcore gamers, your are setting yourself up for failure because 3rd party developers dont care about the casual gamer.

Voice chat isnt really needed for the Wii as none of it’s games would really benefit. There are no tactical shooters etc which make great use of voice chat, a clear weakness of the Wii.

At the present moment the PS3 is narrowing the gap with the Wii every month. It used to be that the Wii would outsell it every week 6-1, that number has already fallen to 2-1. The fact is the Wii is slowing down and the PS3 is speeding up. Analysts already have predicted the PS3 to take the lead by 2010 if not earlier (I think earlier).

Do your homework before trying to debate something.

Comment by james on 2008-04-02 19:50:35 | Reply

“You don’t have to listen to some 12 year old pre-mature kid scream and butcher the english language every time they get a kill or get killed.”

if you don’t want to hear kids screaming don’t play kids games. Time for you to go to the grown up table and get off the WII.

Comment by B-Mac on 2008-03-06 21:46:59 | Reply

I forgot to mention something about your first post. You’ve listed many hardcore games there. Hardcore games will NOT push the PS3’s sales past the Wii’s sales, as explained in my “hardcore gamer” part.

Comment by John on 2008-03-07 03:48:18 | Reply

True, the majority of the games I posted are for the “hardcore gamer” but these games also have a broad appeal. LBP is also for casual gamers. Fact is those games are the biggest system sellers. GT5 is the most succesful game franchise of all time, Final Fantasy and MGS4 also have a cult following.

Your “hardcore gamer” arguement was flawed. You forget that Sony goes after all gamers casual/kids/hardcore which is why they win everytime. Sure the games I posted are mainly for the hardcore, yet there are dozens more 3rd party games coming out for casual gamers/kids.

Comment by John on 2008-03-07 04:27:59 | Reply

Another thing to remember. Of last years top 50 games (in terms of software sales). The 360 outsold the Wii by a margin of 3.4 million, and overall it outsold it by more then 10 million. Even the PS3 outsold it on numerous occasions.

Further proof that there is virtually no 3rd party support for the Wii, which limits it’s game library significantly. It will be held up by first party games, of which the majority are just sequals, very few actual new/innovative games from Nintendo.

Comment by BluNtM4N on 2008-03-06 01:22:18 | Reply

in reply to wii FTW. you mentioned four wii games that could be worthy of sitting next to my 360 and p3 collection of…let me seee, COD 2,3,4 bioshock, halo 3, oblivion,gears, graw1 & 2, PGR 3 & 4, DMC 4, skate, the orange box, mass effect, rainbow 6 and virtua 5. not to mention the less superior games that would walse onto the wii any day fanboys would admit how superior they are.wii fad wont last thank god because if developers stay as lazy as they are while porting ps2 games to wii i think nintendo will be the only credible wii devs left.ports and wiimakes…sorry remakes.

Comment by J on 2008-03-06 15:33:14 | Reply

All the listed games are Shooters/Adult Games-no games like Wii Sports/Mario Party 8 or Mario Galaxy-this will hurt the Xbox 360 more than the Wii!

Comment by Ryan on 2008-03-06 01:34:03 | Reply

The Wii has NOT been outselling the PS3 for over a year. It is true that in February in Japan this is the case; however, the PS3 almost surpassed sales of the Wii in January. 269,000 PS3s sold compared to 274,000 Wii’s. I do not know how 2% greater sales equates to 400% for some people.

Comment by Ryan on 2008-03-06 01:36:03 | Reply

Meant to say the Wii has NOT been outselling the PS3 four to one for over a year.

Comment by Kool Guy on 2008-03-06 01:39:09 | Reply

all u guys need to get laid

fuck games all of them suck

Comment by Kyle on 2008-03-06 02:40:10 | Reply

Sorry, that was a misprint, The wii is outselling the PS3 4 to 1.

Lifetime sales:

Wii = 22.26
360 = 17.37
PS3 = 10.62

The wii is outselling the PS3 2.2 to 1 since launch. Even if the PS3 reaches the unlikely goal of outselling the wii, Lets say 1.2 to 1 which is the most plausible, Then it would take 7.3 years for the PS3 to break even, And we all know the way gamers judge who wins the console wars is by most units sold

Comment by John on 2008-03-06 08:13:53 | Reply

Kyle you need to realize something, the Wii sales figures wont last.

Let’s say that hypothetically the Wii does end up like the GC and it hits a wall. Sales will come to a near stand still, but the PS3 will still be selling strong and will be getting stronger week after week. Just remember the PS2.

Currently the GC is still for sale in the UK and Japan. It was launched in 2001 and only sold a lil over 20million. During the same timeframe the PS2 sold 120million.

Of course the Wii is selling stronger then the GC, that is obvious. This is because of the motion control’s, they created a novelty aspect which has sucked a lot of people in. And as figures have shown, majority lose interest quickly after. There was an article recently that stated 80% or more of Wii owners only play Wii sports, and they rarely even play that.

This will of course cause 3rd party developers to back out over the following year. Now the Wii will only have it’s first party games, which are rare and most are simple sequals. This is going to hurt Wii sales tremendously.

The current trend in TV sales is HD and 1080p screens, and everyone is pushing for consumers to buy into the HD players. This is great news for Sony as dad wants a fancy Blu Ray player while junior wants a video game console. Get a PS3 and you kill 2 birds with 1 stone. You are going to see a lot of that this year, especially during the holidays thanks to all the must have AAA titles Sony has lined up.

Just admit it, the Wii’s future doesnt look as sturdy as you thought.

Comment by Kyle on 2008-03-06 02:40:40 | Reply

4 to 1 in Japan

Yo’ nintendo fanboys admit wii is the worst POS in the history of gaming and its only selling beacuase it was 1/3 the price of the PS3.

remenber what happend when nintendo puts a real next gen. system with a real price tag againts Sony just like it happend with the PSX and PS2, Sony always destroys nintendo and game cube is the biggest flop in the history of gaming.

Comment by Kyle on 2008-03-06 02:42:15 | Reply

if the PS3 almosts out sells the wii, it still loses

The wii is a dust colector toy not a gaming console.

Comment by Kyle on 2008-03-06 02:43:49 | Reply

Sony doesn’t destroy nintendo, look at the DS and PSP. DS owns the handheld market

Comment by Kyle on 2008-03-06 02:44:34 | Reply

and the wii is one of the most successful

Comment by Kyle on 2008-03-06 02:55:06 | Reply

look, I have fun with the PS3, im just partial to the wii cause it is a party console and i have a lot of siblings

Comment by Kyle on 2008-03-06 02:55:47 | Reply

nintendo is trying new things and it is paying off

Comment by johnson on 2008-03-06 03:42:51 | Reply

Wow, have any of you ever played a Wii?!?! its horrible! not only is the motion sensing way off, you have to have some damn wired sensor bar by your tv just to play most games!! And here it is flat out, the only game that was even worth a 2nd look, was super smash bros, and it didnt even use motion sensing!!! Zelda sucks, mario is no different, Metroid was exactly the same as well. Im sorry, but if i buy a Next-gen console, i want a next gen experience. and the wii has not provided that.
look at the PS3, it will have more AAA titles this year than any other, and Home should be something to look at.
The Xbox, given its the worst designed console of all time, still has awsome online play, and Gears of war is one of the best games ever. Halo 3 sucked, because there was almost no difference from halo 2.
so im goin to rely on ps3. its future proof, its got the games, its got reliable hardware. and its got Final Fantasy, regardless what you all say, thats the ball game. whichever console has FF, is the winner. and the PS3 will have the best experience.
The wii is for kids, leave it that way.

Comment by B-Mac on 2008-03-06 22:00:00 | Reply

Well, it looks like you have never played a Wii. I won’t even tell you how wrong you are mainly because there’s too many flaws with your message. One huge one was “Metroid was exactly the same as well”. HAHAHAHAH that is probably the biggest load of BS I’ve read on this page. Maybe if you played the game, you would know that it is completely different AND the best FPS game ever made… so far. Heck, Wii was practically MADE for FPS games. Good online FPS games combined with Wii’s control style (at least as good as Metroid Prime 3’s motion sensing) makes the best FPS experience right now. Think about it, you have to push a few buttons to throw a grenade, you have to move a joystick to aim, you have to push another button to hit with your gun. But, on the Wii, you can aim with the Wiimote, shoot with the trigger-like button (the B button, as you probably don’t know), and throw a grenade by making a throwing motion with the nunchuk or Wiimote. Face it, when it comes to gameplay, Wii is as realistic as it gets.

Comment by John on 2008-03-07 04:00:43 | Reply

Thats laughable. The precision of the Wiimote is autrocious when compared to a mouse/controller. Also the whole “throwing a grenade” aspect of the Wii is retarded and get’s annoying frankly and can mess you up a lot.

And Metroid prime the best FPS shooter……hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha there are so many better FPS out there it’s not even funny. What are you 10? Hell just go look on metacritic, Metroid Prime was outscored by most FPS. Halo 3, COD4 etc etc.

Comment by B-Mac on 2008-03-07 12:22:48 | Reply

My main point was that Metroid Prime 3 provides the best FPS game experience. It is your own fault that you mess up on grenade throws and precision. Frankly, I play much better on FPS for the Wii than on the 360. Once again, you go to metacritic. tsk tsk.

Comment by John on 2008-03-08 04:03:33 | Reply

Who says? You?

Most people hate using the Wii for FPS, it’s crap. Maybe you just suck with controllers.

It’s not my own fault that I mess up with the grenade. The process of using the motion to throw it slows down your response time for other actions, it is a million times quicker/easier to hit a dedicated button. Your just too caught up in the novelty aspect of it.

Haha yes I go to metacritic, and I proved you wrong earlier. So where should I go for reviews/ratings then? Where do you go?

Fact is the place you gather your reviews, is connected to metacritic. It’s the most accurate rating system period, and for you to think otherwise is blatant ignorance.

Comment by justin on 2008-03-06 03:59:17 | Reply

dear writer: you are dumb and your mother was probably dumb… and your writing is completely esoteric and the fact that you are writing for nintendic makes you a dick!

The wii sucks, i hate it.

Comment by Shadow-Keeper on 2008-03-06 04:35:26 | Reply

Its been said many times here:

After 3 months we got bored with it. Even the little kids don’t want to play with it. it sits there and gathers dust!

Comment by Kyle on 2008-03-06 05:28:09 | Reply

i just go by sales figures (and by the way, my mom died two years ago of ovarium cancer, so please don’t talk about her)

Comment by Kyle on 2008-03-06 05:36:18 | Reply

if you don’t play the wii, your in a minority, but

i’ll give you this:

the wii is a party/kids console, if you want that the wii is fine. If your more of a hardcore gamer then get a PS3 and 360.

The motion controls aren’t bad, its the developers not taking the time to implement them well, but your right, most the games, especially the first party games hardly use the motion sensitivity.

Im not bad mouthing the PS3, and it may very well out sell the wii someday, but i like the wii for its party antics, and the motion control barely even comes into play. If the PS3 had the sales figure the wii has, I’d be saying the PS3 is better

I agree with shadow wii just sits there collecting dust the fad is already fading away, sorry nintendo fanboys you will be in last place this gen. AGAIN!

Comment by B-Mac on 2008-03-06 12:13:30 | Reply

Do you really think if 2 out of millions don’t like their Wii, Nintendo is going to lose? HAHAHAH you crack me up with your stupidity.

Comment by Kyle on 2008-03-06 05:39:30 | Reply

the wii has Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicals, so if your sticking by your argument, then the wii and PS3 tie

Comment by Kyle on 2008-03-06 05:43:34 | Reply

but right now, nintendo is in first, the Ps3 has some catching up to do

Comment by Joe on 2008-03-06 08:50:40 | Reply

I have a ps3 and the only thing i use it for is blu-ray movies. so far all of ps3 games have been shit. yes, the stuff that comes out our asses. the only games i see worth buying in 08 is FF and MGS. thats it. 360’s got Fable 2, Too Human, GTA IV exclusive content, Lost odyssey, and alan wake. Must I go on

Comment by loopid on 2008-03-06 09:08:43 | Reply

I just can’t get into the WII. I think it’s cool but please keep in mind I play video games because I am lazy. I don’t think the WII will outlast the PS3 or Xbox 360. It’s technology and its stupid for anyone to make predictions on it. I personally think the WII is a fad like all must have technology. Remember the WII parties?

Comment by bigd on 2008-03-06 09:47:23 | Reply

The Wii is just another way for nintendics to lure children into their gingerbread houses and Kyle your mom just told you it was cancer so as not to hurt your feelings. She actually died of shame.

Comment by Cy Starkman on 2008-03-06 09:50:15 | Reply

No webzine has yet mentioned the 3 most significant differences between N vs S and M consoles.

1) N has made money on every console sold, every accessory and every game.

2) Observe the DS and the N held held line in general and you notice they have broken the life cycle tradition. Same as Apple and iPod. Faster refresh. More news. More interest. More sales. Own the pathway, don’t just walk it.

3) M and S, in particular M still hasn’t learnt about coding. N didn;t last gen, but has now. Code a GC, can code a Wii, will be able to code Wii2. Trumpeting how coders have yet to unleash the power isn’t actually a cool thing, its a lame thing.

The S and M graphics and cpu don’t mean beans. Mass $ to develop and recoup. They are barely up to off the shelf now, let alone 5 years. In reality graphics and cpu are flattening. In the sense of user experience.

Money = ability to develop next version quicker.

N will own the life cycle. Wii HD will be $249, totally compatible, totally profitable and swarm the market. By the time S and M release next ‘gen’ they will be a whole gen behind and losing money on the new machines.

The battle is not the war. A gen is nothing. The question is who will be there in 30 years. Ever played N game and watch? I had a few as a kid. Nearly 30 years ago. In 30 years will S and M still be here, don’t know but N will.

That’s business, not fanboys and gamers.

Comment by B-Mac on 2008-03-06 12:09:42 | Reply

That actually makes a lot of sense. I agree.

Comment by Waldo on 2008-03-06 10:30:29 | Reply

Sorry, this above should have been posted to the root comment!

Comment by Fanboy's Suck on 2008-03-06 12:45:11 | Reply

Motorstorm has sold 3 million and same Resistance.

For those who think wii is boring, think again - are you even in the wii target market? Nintendo targets the Wii console for people that play together (eg: family, friends) and not hardcore gamers. It is insanely fun for us who are within the target market ^_^

Comment by Mostyn on 2008-03-06 17:00:09 | Reply

Wii will win in the sort term , but Nindendo will have to bring out Wii II sooner than 2010, to keep people buy Console from them.

And it will have to cost the same as both Sony’s and Microsoft next Consoles too.

People will only put up with the Wii’s novelty value for so long over better graphics the PS3 and Xbox360 has today.

Comment by luke on 2008-03-06 17:31:50 | Reply

I personally don’t care for the wii. I don’t think it has very good games. Zelda was good but I liked it more on the game cube. Wii sports is BORING, yes I said it, and guess what… YOU CAN PLAY SETTING DOWN! Mario Galaxy is ok but it makes me dizzy. Smash Brothers will be good, theres no doubt there. And I enjoyed metroid. I case you haven’t noticed all these games I’ve listed are made by Nintendo, the third party support for the Wii is crap. The reason that the price is so cheap is, nintendo is using last gen technology. The graphics are at best gamecube quality. At worst characters in games are androgynous bowling pins with hats and hair. The only thing Nintendo did well with this toy is, market it really well. Here in the states it’s marketed to children under 12, overweight 40-45 year old women in the midst of a mid-life crisis, and people in retirement homes who are so desperate for interaction and attention they’d play with a turd from their roommates diaper if they thought everyone would join in. I don’t know any adult who isn’t trying to impress their kids that enjoys the Wii. I won’t lie I’ve bought 6 Wiis since they’ve come out. I’ve gouged the shit out of five of them and sold them for nearly twice what i paid for them. The one I played with kept my interest for about an hour and now it collects dust. Soon I will be boxing it up to sell to some fool for $500.

Comment by D.Vader on 2008-03-06 18:14:09 | Reply

Third party support BLOWS for the Wii, the attach rate BLOWS for the Wii. A great system that doesn’t sell 3rd party games will be a great system that only has First party games.

Most of the 3rd party support is a dev trying to cash in by porting a PS2 game to the Wii with no thought to making the game really work for the Wii.

Wii will dominate for sometime, but it’s software sales will lag behind PS3 and X360. The reason why is casual gamers do not spend nearly as much money on games then Hard Core gamers.

Also — you forgot 1 thing…

Wii is gay

I have a wii and all i use it for is, well nothing all games have been shyt and im still waiting for a good game not a rehash of a game ai already played 5 years ago im talking about rehash bros brawl i know all you nintendo fanboys are hyping it like the 2nd coming of Jesus in the gaming wolrd just look at neogaf but still the game is boring.

Comment by Cy Starkman on 2008-03-07 10:37:22 | Reply

As is Halo 3, GT6 need I go on. Rehashed shyt.

The wii is a game cube with a new name and you stupid nintendo fanboys are proud beacuase nintendo is ripping you off and making money out of it,
man i thought xbox fanboys were bad but WOW you nintendo nerds needs lives you guys are truly pathetic to say the least.

Comment by J on 2008-03-06 22:21:42 | Reply

A gamecube(Wii) with 3x the power of the Cube….
Ever played Metroid Prime 3 or Mario galaxy then you know what i mean….

At least a Wii doesnt suffer from RRoD!

Please get you FACTS right before posting such CRAP!

Comment by Gamer on 2008-03-06 23:34:16 | Reply

The Wii is a fun family console. The only thing that this person has skipped is software sales. The only good software sales for the Wii have been Nintendo titled games and they still can’t compare to 360 or sometimes even PS3 titles. If you look at all the lame software designed for the Wii, then you know that something has to get better. I have all 3 systems and I can definitely say the Wii is only fun with a lot of people and only for a short period of time. The one thing that Wii lacks is online play. I hope they work on that and work on having a better interaction with Mii’s. If not, there will be newer Wii before a PS3 or 360. Don’t just judge by console sales, because those numbers are inflated by people who buy it and are probably just using Wii Sports.

Comment by wii ftw on 2008-03-07 00:19:52 | Reply

The wii another reason why the wii will win imo is because of the press it has dispite whether or not its a decent console. It has ALOT of decent press while the ps3 andd 360 has negative press due to the common nerdy and lazy personalities that accompany games. The wii does not have this

So lets look at a game that had alot of good press like the wii… halo 3 its now the fastest selling game of alll time but when infact the campaign was quite shyt

Comment by Protazoa007 on 2008-03-07 09:11:33 | Reply

so ur telling me, gamer that, mario galaxy, cannot compare to even the games on the ps3 that barely recieved 9s, oh i beg to differ, i have an xbox 360 and have halo 3 and have discovered that halo 3 to a rehash of the old formula with a bit new spices like storyline ect… but in the end its all the same, yes i agree the multiplayer is a big part of it, but u can get the same experience from COD4 for example, and if u think about it most xbox 360/ps3 games will be eventually be ported over to the pc, like assassin’s creed and halo 3 even, while games like mario galaxy can never be on the pc…,

Comment by B-Mac on 2008-03-07 12:28:33 | Reply

Exactly. As the post above states, people don’t need a 360 when you have a PC. (I don’t think Final Fantasy will be ported to the PC) Just wait till Halo3 gets ported to the PC hahah.

Comment by Dylan on 2008-03-07 20:29:38 | Reply

i completely agree with kyle, the truth the matter is you can debate it all you want, but numbers don’t lie. 22 million people have a wii. Only 10 million people have a PS3.

It’s funny to watch sony fanboys defend the worst of the 3 new gens. You just need a wii for parties and a 360 for solo stuff, and your set. The PS3 tried to market itself as a home system rather then a gaming machine. Sony F%^* up. It will learn its lesson and probably win next gen, but not this one.

You sony fanboys just need to accept that you guys only catered to the hardcore gamers and jacked up the price. Its tough to drop 400-500 dollars on a gaming machine. Maybe when it gets to 200, I’ll consider getting one

Comment by Joe on 2008-03-08 09:57:49 | Reply

I disagree with you saying sony will win next gen. Look at the Nintendo pattern. Nintendo won with the NES and SNES and came in second with the n64 (even though I dont think so) now with sony they won with the PS1 and PS2 and now the PS3 is failing. see a trend here? so you never know, maybe sony will win next gen maybe it wont

Comment by GinnyN on 2008-03-08 22:22:59 | Reply

For the moment, and for Hardcore Gamers, 360 is the best console, period. If you live alone in a house and you doesn’t have anything to do except play games, It’s the best console.

But if you have friends, you will have a Wii. AND, if you are like me, and you actually need rest from gaming for a while, you don’t need so many games. Putting apart the fact you maybe don’t have enough time for play games (Because you do another stuff in your life) (Really, exists life out of there) the Wii is a good choise.

Still, depends about the people.

My sis, who is studing Economics, tell me, for the moment, the market is cappable to keep alive the 3 consoles. That’s good for everyone, we have choices.

I believe the Wii gonna win, for the new gen factor. But, it’s my opinion, and I’m not gonna die if happens.

I’m not angry with Nintendo because they forget me. They remembered I have a mom. And I love that.

“In 30 years will S and M still be here, don’t know but N will.”

Nintendo will be there. They are a 100 years old company. Maybe they will not doing video games at this time, but they will ^^!

Comment by GinnyN on 2008-03-08 22:46:29 | Reply

“I’m not angry with Nintendo because they forget me. They remembered I have a mom. And I love that.”

I’ll correct myself: I’m not angry with Nintendo because they forget me. They don’t. They just remembered I have a mom. And I love that.

Comment by justin on 2008-03-09 13:11:05 | Reply

well dont be so esoteric then! yay wii finally has one good game for it…. brawl! still not enough for me to want one…. mmm ps3 now thats yummy!

Comment by Mac on 2008-03-10 00:29:51 | Reply

When the Wii came out it shut up every 360 and PS3 fan who wanted it to fail - and it will continue to do so. From day 1 the Wii had 2 games mircosoft and sony only wish they had - Zelda and Wii sports. The addition of Smash Bros, Wario Ware, Mario Galaxy, No more heroes, Metriod 3, Dragon Quest, Ghost Squad etc just goes to show the diversity and quality of the games. Also i find it funny how the Wii version of Pro Evo is actually better than the 360 and Ps3 ones. Yeah Halo is quality and so are Gears of War and Call of Duty, but they are for people who spend most of thier time on thier own at night cause they have nothing (or no-one) better to do! This is made even worse by the chimps that play it 24/7 - get a job/life man.

24m units of WII sold! Long will it continue!

Oh now nintendo fanboys care about sales and not facts like wii online service is garbage and the games are by far the worst rated games in the historey of gaming, you stupid tools wake up PS3 and x360 dont just destrouy the wii in hardcore gaming and graphics they have far superior games period, wii is the biggest joke and so are all you stupid nintendo nerds go outsite more you will stop sucking up to nintendo.

la wii es un mierda, que basura de consola.

Comment by justin on 2008-03-10 02:55:20 | Reply

Wii actually has some decent games (no more heroes, brawl, zelda, metroid) but lets face it wii sports is for losers and so is 80 percent of the crap like chicken shoot. Ps3 has only the greatest hits off of xb360 (and their personal exclusives), and 360 has about 25 percent of their library being ps2 titles. so they each have a downfall. Ps3 being picky, 360 bringing out last gen stuff, and wii bringing out cheap crap. But all in all they each have at least 5-10 good games. I admit once a wii drops to 200 and is blue or green ill get one. once an elite drops to 400 i will get one until then I will get the most superior games for my superior system. (uncharted, ratchet, rock band, unreal tourn 3, cod4). where as wii only has: no more heroes, brawl, zelda, and metroid that appeals to me. 360 has bioshock and gears of war that appeals. (so ill wait until gear 2, ninja gaiden, fable 2, and mario kart wii come out before buying the other 2 systems). yeah a system has to have at least 5 good games for it. and ps3 looks way better than 360 so ill play my thrid party on it (lost planet, army of two, cod4, rock band, dmc4, assassins creed). so fudge ya nintendick

Yeah theres was alot of hype for wii, but nintendo didnt deliver just look at smash bros it brakes ur wii WTF? and the joke that will be playing mario kart online, nintendo is dead for all true gamers.

Comment by kyle on 2008-03-11 08:38:03 | Reply

All I here, is Sony fanboys talking shit, and the nintendo fans actually bring facts to back up their arguments. As for the online service, it is apparent not as many people have an interest as you think. Nintendo has a crappy service but it still sells well, and is free.

It is true that if you combine the sales of the PS3 (10 mil) and the 360 (17 mil) they are higher then the total sales of the wii (24 mil). Idiot sony fanboys will say that means that more people are into graphics, but thats not true.

The 360 had an extra year to sell. If you give that same time to nintendo, it will beat both those consoles combined. Face it sony messed up. The wii will win and the rest of the world will take note. Brawl is the killer app it needed.

Comment by justin on 2008-03-13 02:38:59 | Reply

Kyle you are pretty lame. i gave facts…. I will buy a 360 (for the fourth time) and a wii (in love with smash) when both systems drop in price. when an elite goes to 350 and a wii down to 179 no more. although i bought a ps3 60 gig for 600. got it stolen from me at gun point and then bought another one.p3 is that good!

Comment by kyle on 2008-03-13 22:28:04 | Reply

Justin, explain the appeal of the PS3 to me. Im not being sarcastic. I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore gamer. The only games I play are party games (brawl is amazing) cause me and my friends need something to do in between basketball and football season. I like the wii for that.

Im just sick of people hating on it. Their main reason is graphics. GRAPHICS! Are you kidding me. I don’t know why people would hate Nintendo because of that. I like the PS3 and the 360, but there is no game that I want for the PS3 that I can’t get for the 360. The only reason I have a PS3 is for the Blu-Ray.

I don’t get the appeal of the PS3

Comment by kyle on 2008-03-13 22:29:22 | Reply

But I agree that both systems need to drop in price.

Comment by Protazoa007 on 2008-03-14 18:54:52 | Reply

I agree 100% with kyle…., Today only a small minority love graphics, and most of them are pc gamers… the wii is about fun… if u do not have fun with game, then whats the point in having great graphics, halo 3 had great graphics but the single player is short… while for example metriod prime 3 and galaxy are huge


‘ ‘ All I here, is Sony fanboys talking shit, ‘ ‘

They are no Sony fanboys here, they are to busy playing the countless AAAs already available on the PS3 and the more to come in 2008.

AAAs that your fisher toy lacks big time.

like i said wii has the worst games and its a boring POS, noone can deny that.

Comment by justin on 2008-03-15 07:24:30 | Reply

Kyle have you ever heard of Uncharted? That game is amazing! What i personally like about the ps3 is that the exclusives that it has are movies not games. They are an in depth storyline that dont end with another level of the same thing but entirely different motives and story lines. Heavenly Sword and ratchet and clank are all about that as well. They are movies! That is what people dont understand. Ps3 has taken it from playing a character to playing a person. that is what the bluray is for so it can load the detail fast enough. killzone 2, wardevil, mgs4, heavy rain, and eight days are other exclusive movie games coming out for it. remember 360 has been out now for about 2 and a half years. ps3 has been out for about 1 year throughout the whole world. once these titles come out and people see how awesome these games are they will all see the amazement of what i see. So far there is about 3 extremely awesome title(exclusives: ratchet, heavenly sword, uncharted). I consider resistance just another halo. I mean every system now a day has 15 shooters for it. It is the standard. Ps3 has exactly what i want the next generation in the game itself, not controller innovation. It is about the game. I dont want last gen games like the 360 has to offer. Yes they look way better than the regular xxbox or ps2 but are they anything more than last gen besides that?? Ps3 is all about bringing cinematography into the game world. The only high note that i bring about wii is the fact that game developers have decided to give them another chance. Tales of Symphonia 2, no more heroes…. I definately want those 2 and brawl. I would take earthbound 3 as well. but i am not gonna settle for wii sports when i can see de la hoya all bloody up by taken a beaten but ko’ing my opponent. fight night round 3 is ten times better than wii boxing (victorious boxers and wii sports) top spin 3 is way better than (wii sports). i think i have made some valid points. I’ll wait for your answers or anyone elses who wants to comment.

Comment by kyle on 2008-03-15 08:33:56 | Reply

Justin, thank you. Your the first person to make a sensible argument for the PS3. So from what I read it is just a matter of taste. You prefer the PS3 not for graphics alone, but for video games that are deep and have unique storylines. I can get behind that.

Thank you for acknowledging that nintendo has done its job to get more third party developers on board. Brawl is an amazing game. I think that if more developers, especially third party developers, put that kind of time into a game, the wii might be even more popular then it is. Graphics aren’t the be all end all of video games anymore.

If your preference is cinematography in gaming, then that is good enough for me to say I understand. The wii is defiantly lacking in some areas when it comes to games, but wii sports was not meant to have years of replay value. It was meant to introduce you to the motion control. I don’t play wii sports anymore. I’ve moved on. It did get repetitive after a while. There wasn’t much depth.

I was just tired of hearing that the PS3 is going to win 2008 and catch the wii. In January it was close but the wii still managed to outsell the PS3 and 360. In February it got back to its comfortable lead because of Brawl. In April it will be Mario Kart, and in May it will be wii fit (though I have my doubts about wii fit)I just don’t see the PS3 doing any real catching up til at least 2009.

Rachet and Clank is an amazing game by the way. I look forward to your reply.

And thank you Protazoa007. I appreciate the back up.

Comment by Protazoa007 on 2008-03-15 15:52:27 | Reply

In response to the wii fit…, i think it should do well cuz now, parents are becoming aware of the obese problem, but do not have the motivation… wii fit might give them the motivation to actually start a regular exercise routine like in the gym or something, i think the wii fit was designed to get u off ur feet and have a good time, and then extend it 2wards the normal routines….
maybe thats why it can sell while and beat japan sales

awaiting ur response kyle and others aswell

Comment by kyle on 2008-03-15 20:14:44 | Reply

I think wii fit could sell great in the states. I know im picking one up when it comes out. I think it will it could be a top seller, but I also think it may not do as well in America as it has done in Japan.

I don’t know what to think about it, sales-wise. It seems like a great idea, but I can see people calling it another gimmick, which I personally don’t believe. I would call it innovation. The fact that Nintendo is willing to try this new stuff really says something about them. The fact that their succeeding with it is a testament to what kind of company they really are. Thanks Nintendo

Comment by justin on 2008-03-15 23:15:50 | Reply

I think some will like wii fit but most people in america are lazy. it is just a common fact. I myself like to walk on a treadmill and listen to music for about an hour a day. I dont want to do that in my gaming world cause i find it as my personal escape. Which is why i love movies aka bluray. I personally cant wait for mario kart either but i do see one problem. Mario kart comes with a sterring wheel. but i wanna play 2 players. and i will have to find another nintendo brand wheel for it. (so you can use the b button on the back). I think that is going to be rough. I like wii for the 2 player games mainly. mario party, mario kart, brawl. I only see two game one player i would get (zelda, no more heroes). but zelda isnt a selling point cause before i traded my gamecube in for a ps3 i beat twilight on it(traded my 360, d.s., and ps2 also). but i’ll eventually get a wii when they come in blue or green. A zelda green wii would be awesome. n e wayz no more ranting gotta go!

The wii is a discrace to any real gamer, thats a fact.

Comment by kyle on 2008-03-17 05:12:22 | Reply

No, thats a stupid statement. A fact would be the wii is outselling every video game system other than the DS. Get your facts strait

Comment by kyle on 2008-03-17 23:24:48 | Reply

The wii is back up to selling 400,000 plus units,

Brawl is the fastest selling game in Nintendo history, 1.4 million in 6 days.

Since the launch of the wii, it has never fallen behind the PS3 or 360.

Looks like the gimmick hasn’t worn off quite yet, has it, xbot?

Comment by Protazoa007 on 2008-03-18 00:10:02 | Reply

Listen, we gamers always have to make up excuses when a certain console is… well lets say, not quite catching up with the rest of the pack…. Remember the gamecube…. i remember when fanboys kept on defending it, when clearly it did not offer much, like the ps2… the ps2 was a the dominator, i admit that…. now the, i really do not want to jump to conclusions now, but it ahead of the pack… next year will see if it says that way…. just u guys admit that its beating sales right now…. its really not hard. cuz the numbers are in front of u….

Comment by megamn606 on 2008-03-18 00:32:03 | Reply

look the fact of the matter is, at the end of the day, Nintendo always has the biggest and best ace up there sleeve. Nintendo has without a doubt the most experienced and talented and imaginative developers of all time. think about it. Nintendo single handedly carried the struggling gamecube through basically an entire generation on basically only Nintendo games. and i gotta say, 95% of all Nintendo developed titles are best selling games. in the end no one an do it like the big N can, and THAT IS A FACT.

Comment by kyle on 2008-03-18 03:25:35 | Reply

Protazoa007 and megamn606 know what their talking about. Good job guys.

Comment by Protazoa007 on 2008-03-18 17:17:44 | Reply

Amen megamn606 !

Comment by kyle on 2008-03-18 21:59:35 | Reply

You guys can play it safe with the PS3 and 360, but us true gamers, who play for the risk, will take the wii. After all I don’t see the PS3 and 360 getting this kind of publicity.

Comment by justin on 2008-03-19 06:36:24 | Reply

I’m just waiting for truely good games to come out for the wii. I think in a bout 2 year when some rpgs come out for it ill really be interested. Right now the fact is that probably 10 to 13 million wiis are sold to children 8 and under. like a cabbage patch the parents are buying their children one so they are not left out. When this year ends 360 will have no new titles to help it sell itself and bluray will really be established in homes. Sony home will be up and about 20 AAA exclusives will be out for ps3. I think when the ps3 is like 300 dollars everyone will say forget 360 and wii those are lame consoles. but that is just my opinion a very honest one! Wii and ps3 will go completely different directions but will both sell at 100 million each before they die out, due to bluray and innovation. I see the 360 dieing out at 45 mill a jump up from reg xbox’s 28 million sold. btw gamecube was the shit! I liked it better than the ps2 (i still loved ps2 for the rpgs) and way way way better than the xbox!

Comment by justin on 2008-03-19 06:42:27 | Reply

dude that article is the coolest shit ever!! wuss on wuss fight have gone up by 200 percent lol! i love it,8 kudos to nintendo!! parents against wii!! lol!! that is really sad…. Sometimes i hate the vag’s in america that have nothing better to do than to find a gimic to get more money!

Yeah the wii is lacking AAAs at the moment smash bros is a joke and the only thing that makes it different from the past smash bros the online is pathetic fail.

the wii so far is the biggest dissapoinment in the hsitory of gaming, i havent bought a single game for it yet, yet owned it for 8 months already, the thing only seels beacuase its a cheap toy that is only selling amount casuals that kill the gaming industry.

Comment by kyle on 2008-03-20 09:33:45 | Reply

Killing the gaming industry!!! How stupid are you. The revenue for games has never been higher. It is so well that the economy can actually support 3 consoles for now. If you read an article every once in a while you’ll know that the gaming industry is at the highest profit its ever been.

Your in the minority xbot. The is the fastest selling console in gaming history.

You should thank the wii. All the casual gamers its bringing in might convert someday to another console, which means more sales for your stupid console.

Lack of AAA!!! Ha. What the hell is an AAA title by your definition. Metroid, Galaxy, no more heros, Mario kart, wii fit, and of course brawl.

Brawl is a joke!!! Its only the fastest selling game in nintendo history.

I can’t believe how naive you are. Your just upset that the 360 has had a year head start and is getting killed by a “toy”. The PS3 will soon catch the 360 and will take second place.

Sorry, but those are the facts. Nintendo is a great company and puts a lot into fan service. Your parents must think your the biggest disappointment in child history. Tough break pal

Comment by kyle on 2008-03-20 09:35:48 | Reply

Omission: The “wii” is the fastest selling console in gaming history.

And I’m sorry that I mentioned your parents. My bad. That was a low blow. I’m sure your parents are nice people.

Comment by Protazoa007 on 2008-03-20 11:28:17 | Reply

Nice counter kyle!

Comment by FFRPGFAN on 2008-03-21 01:36:28 | Reply

Put simply, Nintendo played it smart. They knew that direct competition in sheer power would make no sense when up against the financial powerhouses of Sony and Microsoft (Sony makes everything from TVs to computers to movies, Microsoft has their operating system and assorted other programs, if you could call them that, to fall back on). Nintendo decided to do what any company in it’s position would do. Become a low cost leader and differentiate itself away from its competitors at the same time.

As such, they went with less powerful but still decent and effective processors for graphics, trimmed the fat that inflates prices of systems like unneeded video players (Sony’s mistake) and made it fully compatible with the old Gamecube equipment (Microsoft and Sony didn’t make it all the way) with the additional bonus of downloading older games for people who like classic games.

This has simply allowed the Wii to be more accessible to both consumers and other video game developers while maximizing profits for Nintendo itself. Because it isn’t as graphically powerful and not crammed full of unneeded junk, it is inexpensive to make and can be cheaply sold. Also, recently third party developers have decided to switch away from the other two systems, primarily Sony, because purchasing and using development software for them has become to expensive to use. Simply put, it’s cheaper and there’s more opportunity for making money by avoiding the expensive stuff and taking the cheaper and easier way.

For people who like numbers, the cost of producing one Wii has been estimated to be around $200, and is then sold for $250. Thus, making 1 million Wiis costs Nintendo $200,000,000. However, since they make a $50 profit on each system, they only need to sell 800,000 Wiis to make up their losses. Each additional Wii sold is then $250 of pure profit for Nintendo. If all of them are sold, much like how things have been going for them, that an additional $50,000,000 for Nintendo. Also, since their games are relatively cheaper to make when compared to Sony and Microsoft, they also have greater possibilities for profit for both Nintendo (they make their own in addition to licensing) as well as third party developers.

Microsoft and Sony both sell their systems at a loss. In Sony’s case for the full system at the start, it was for at least a $100 loss. They both rely solely on sales of game disks to recoup those losses and turn a profit. However, since it’s more expensive to make games, especially for the PS3, their profits on games start to shrink as well in addition to driving away the third party developers they rely on for most of their games (simply put, unless they buy those companies out, there’s no guaranteed loyalty, and unlike Nintendo, they do not have their own established single system franchises with their own characters).

In short, in the economic sense of things, Nintendo, by playing it smart and avoiding direct competition, has already established itself to remain through this video game generation or whatever you’d like to call it. If it is not yet as an outright winner, it is at least as defeating expectations from Sony, Microsoft, and their respective hyper fanboy bases. After all, they thought it would be dead within a month of release. Meanwhile, Microsoft is still in just because it was released a year early (and with the usual Microsoft problems), and Sony is slowly bleeding from the throat in its video game division (they’ll survive as a company and maybe as a console maker, but they won’t be taking as big of a hit from their wallet to make the things ever again).

On a personal side note, I happen to not own any of these systems, and I have only played the Wii. In this little article, I was just using economic sense in case anyone out there has an idea about how companies have to make money besides economists and business people. The Wii would be the only system I would spend my own money (which I do not have enough of) on for two main reasons. One, it is the least expensive of the three on all fronts. Two, they actually seem to care about the people who buy their games and systems (for comparison, I’ve had really bad issues with Microsoft’s help for their junk having to do with my computer’s web browser and assorted other things and from what I have heard, Sony’s is a bit on the poorer side too). After all, unlike Sony and Microsoft, the only things Nintendo makes are game consoles and games themselves. Probably why they care more…

Comment by justin on 2008-03-21 06:36:36 | Reply

Well all in all each has their own victory. Nintendo finally with wii and d.s. has claimed victor over the market. Xbox being the internet whore with making pure profit over the net nerds. Sony establishing the future with bluray which means that within 2 years they will dominate everything. psp sales will increase like craZY DUE TO ALL THE POPULAR TITLES OUT FOR IT.

Comment by justin on 2008-03-21 06:46:00 | Reply

Well all in all each has their own victory. Nintendo finally with wii and d.s. has claimed victor over the market. Xbox being the internet whore with making pure profit over the net nerds. Sony establishing the future with bluray which means that within 2 years they will dominate everything. psp sales will increase like craZY DUE TO ALL THE POPULAR TITLES OUT FOR IT. D.S. has the new stuff coming out for it but psp is an emulator whore w/ internet and text messaging. add that to a ps3 and you have unlimited capabilities and add play tv to it and you have the ultimate entertainment center. of course everyone has to keep waiting on ps3 which is why it is the future and not the present like nintendo is and 360 wants to be. but like i said all three are winning. it is only a matter of time before microsoft signs a deal to have someone create a console for them and go software only so they wont have to worry about there shitty systems dieing on them. Ps3 is the high definition system(the only one). No dvd’s do not count and composite input does not count and neither does a digital input(Hdmi) the actual disc themselves with a digital output make it high def. which is why hd dvd might of been a high def player but it wasnt true high def cause it ran through usb which degrades the quality. the truth is that nintendo has the gaming market. xbox has the mature market and ps3 has the movie market now. in 2 years ps3 will have the mature games and the other companies bringing out high def games while nintendo has the largest library. 360 will be left in the dust. xbox’s have always been 4 year systems anyways. and i wonder what acer is going to do whether them or sega will make the next xbox….

Comment by techfreak713 on 2008-03-21 08:47:15 | Reply

okay, so while all of you dumbasses bang your fists and try as hard as you can to win a battle that’s impossible to win, im just gonna go play some more smash bros. brawl. and maybe tomorrow, i might go to a friends house and play halo 3. ps3 still sucks, though.

Comment by Dan on 2008-03-21 23:03:45 | Reply

umm you guys fail.
Ladies and genlemen, look at the facts.
Wii outsells PS3 and 360 by far.
The Wii came out a whole year after the 360, giving ample time for the 360 to make sales.
The PS3 is nice, but why do I need one? I have a DVD player already, I have Wii, I have a computer. There is no need for that waste of money.
360. Hmmm. There are a few good games, but Microsoft needs more experience. Stick with computers Bill.
Nintendo has been making video games for years, revived the video game era in the 80s, and now it dominating with the Wii and DS.
Who buys the Wii? Nintendo fanboys, little children, teenagers, hardcore gamers, parents, adults. Xbox and 360? Harcore gamers, teenagers, adults. See the difference?
The Wii appeals to both the hardcore gamer and the casual gamer.
Hardcore games= Twilight, Galaxy, MOH, Metroid, Smash bros, Mario Kart, and more.
Casual games= Rayman, wii sports, wii play, etc.
Wii pwns all other systems.
Any questions?

lmao wii only sells beacuase nintendo killed game cube and forced all nintendo fanboys to buy another system to play games on.

fact is wii a joke.

it has no games
the online sucks
its a terrible ripoff
the gimmick kills the gameplay
the graphics totally suck
the features are terrible
third party games dont sell on it
nintendo consoles is only for kids
wii has no games for 2008 to compete againts the PS3 and x360.
nds has no games for 2008 to compete againts the PSP, its half the price, PSP now destroying the nds sales-wise.

Comment by Protazoa007 on 2008-03-22 08:35:04 | Reply

one game: GoW: Chains of Olympus is causing psp sales to rise…. but wait until the end of march…. and u’ll see wii on top again…why? BRAWL!

Comment by kyle on 2008-03-22 21:01:35 | Reply

According to your own chart Nintendo accounts for more than half of total game sales. There is no way in hell the PSP will ever catch up to the DS. The DS can already be declared the winner. DS has sold nearly 60 million and the PSP has barley sold 20 million. The PSP is a joke.

At what the hell is that chart supposed to prove? That when a good game comes out for a system, it wins the week. It wont even win the month. The PS3 and PSP are the biggest flops in gaming history.

You need to stop writing, xbot. No games in 2008!? Brawl, best selling game in Nintendo history, Mario kart, wii fit, Mario all-star baseball, New kirby…etc

Truth of the matter is, all the exclusives for the PS3 is now for 360, like GTA4. The only good game for PS3 this year will be MGS4, but even with all that said the PS3 will still catch the 360.

At the end of the console war we’re going to see the wii in first place by a lot, then PS3, then 360 bring up the rear. That is whats going to happen. Just wait.

Comment by John on 2008-04-22 17:56:11 | Reply

PS3 the biggest flop in gaming history? You really need to do your research as the PS3 is currently selling better/faster then the PS2.

This yeas games lineup is all in Sonys favor also, the Wii can’t touch the lineup the PS3 has, thats a fact.

‘ ‘ The PS3 and PSP are the biggest flops in gaming history. ‘ ‘

The PSP has aleady sold twice the numbers of what nintendo game cube sold in total, its only a matter of time before PSP even outsells the nintendo 64.

PS3 with the killer 2008 and 2009 and later line-up is going to easily be yet another 100 million seller for Sony,
something that nintendo has never done before.

Comment by justin on 2008-03-23 07:00:54 | Reply

psp’s are officially at 47 mill and d.s. at 67 mill…. ps3 is at 11 mill, 360 16 mill, wii at 19 mill. playstation is kinda kicking ass! they are increasing in the 180 percent plus from last year and if they keep going they will be on top again for the 3rd and 4th time.

Comment by Protazoa007 on 2008-03-23 09:34:43 | Reply, look here for official sales… as u see ps 3 is at 8 mill!!! only! xbox is at 17 and wii is at 20, but it outsold the gamecube a while back if i remember…

Comment by kyle on 2008-03-23 10:45:26 | Reply

Nintendo may not have moved a hundred million consoles, before but it will now.

I will only use a PS3 when Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out for it, but by then it will have gone multi-platform.

Comment by kyle on 2008-03-23 10:48:15 | Reply

The PS3 has yest to hit 10 mil according tp Protazoa007. There is no way in hell it will sell a hundred million in 4 years when we see the.n next generation, and if it ever did hit 100mil, It will be in 20 years from now when the wii has sold 250 mil and the 360 has sold 180 mil

Comment by justin on 2008-03-24 05:46:25 | Reply

no the ps3 hit 11 mill they announced it. Playstation is the only corporation that measures their sale by physical in home sells too! nintendo and 360 measure it by selling to retailers. I believe they will hit the 25 mill mark by next march! they will own the 360 within a year mark my word. wii will be at about 33 mill but p3 will catch up. look at the percent increase from month to month. Sony has known what they were doing from ps1 and will continue to know.

Comment by Protazoa007 on 2008-03-24 15:36:40 | Reply

yes but sony as we all know, only tell us unit that are shipped… not sold…., there is a big difference here… cuz many stores a chalk full of ps3 lieing on the shelves…. Nintendo and Microsoft on the other head give u units sold. and btw, the wii factories are producing 1.8 mill wiis per month, more than the other console until now and still there is too much demand

Comment by justin on 2008-03-25 04:18:09 | Reply

actually the other way around… wii and 360 are sold to stores and ps3 are units sold. plus i dont know how many 360’s are in rrod circulation right now. firmware 2.20 is where it is at for ps3. and with the home beta april 18th hmm.. I wonder what other trick sony has up their sleeves. for now wii is the king but 360 will never be. with ff7 coming out for psp tomorrow I wonder where it will stand. maybe d.s. wont be king either soon! until then nintendo can have the crown. I mean they deserve it cause it has been since the super nintendo that they have had it. Give the wii another year and cube will be left in the dust.

See you in 4 years when another Sony PS console sells 100 million world wide, while nintendo and xbox are stuck in last place as usuall.

Comment by kyle on 2008-03-25 07:20:37 | Reply

Sorry, PS3’s are in stock sitting on store shelves. The wii is constantly sold out. No way in hell the PS3 will take the lead from the wii. Sorry xbot, but I’m going to be laughing at you in 4 years.

What kind of person would say the PS3 will win? In one and a half years the wii has over doubled the sales of the PS3. That is strait up ridiculous.

Comment by John on 2008-04-22 17:57:17 | Reply

Actually the reason you see PS3’s on the store shelves is due to Sony producing more then enough consoles while Nintendo has had a manufacturing shortage for some time.

Comment by Ben on 2008-03-25 08:37:10 | Reply

^ very true. I have never seen a Wii in stores (with the exception of the time I bought mine), and PS3’s are ALWAYS to be found.

I think it’s only a matter of time until some decent 3rd party games come to the Wii. As many have said, almost everyone expected this to be a HUGE failure.

Wii appeals to everyone, 360 appeals to “hardcore” gamers, and the PS3… well it has Blu-Ray.

Comment by Ben on 2008-03-25 08:44:48 | Reply

One of the main appeals of the PS2 was the GTA series. All the “cool” high school kids bought a PS2 for GTA. Now, the 360 is getting the superior version of the latest rendition.

As of now, there is really no way that the PS3 will outsell the Wii.

Many people will wait until the PS3 is dirt cheap to buy it, but that just tells you that it isn’t worth the money. I shelled out the cash for both a Wii and a 360, and don’t regret it.

If I were ever to buy a PS3, it would be, like many others, until the price was worth it. That is definitely not a thing to brag about.

Comment by justin on 2008-03-25 23:52:22 | Reply

i wonder what is going to happen when ps2 is dead officially. Ps2 is still one of the highest selling systems. It looks and plays as good as the wii and 15 percent of the games are on the 360 that ps3 rejected. next march ps2 is officially out and ps3 officially in. That was sonys trick all along. I mean bluray is expensive and a company cant put themselves outta business. Cd’s are hella cheap and dvds the same. Just wait wii will be lame for most people. 360 will suffer from rrod and ps3 with its superior graphics and movie like gameplay, and the pc to tv deal will own all others. see u in one year when it does.

Comment by J on 2008-03-25 23:57:26 | Reply


maybe the Wii will sell 100 millionen but no way the PS3.

What is the old truth?

The WEAKEST console wins-Its true since the NES!

Comment by Protazoa007 on 2008-03-26 00:02:29 | Reply

u have point there J !!!!, ps2 won, snes won (sega saturn was more powerful) and nes won, PS one did better ( was the weaker than n64), so maybe thats how the trend continues

Comment by kyle on 2008-03-26 03:36:40 | Reply

I hear you Ben. I think the PS3 would stand a chance if it sold for under $300. Right now you can get all your gaming needs with a Wii (Brawl, Mario kart, metroid, galaxy…etc) and a 360 (GTA, Madden, actually all sports games, bio shock, gears, halo…etc). With those two consoles you have everything. Play the wii when friends are over and go solo or online when there not.

The PS3 doesn’t have anything special besides Blu-ray. 3rd party developers are getting frustrated with the PS3. It is very hard and expensive to develop for. PS3 doesn’t have any good exclusives for it anymore, except maybe MGS4. GTA went multi-pltform so will kingdom hearts.

Sony is trying to bank on the fact that it has Blu-Ray, but those without HDTVs are screwed. Sorry, but the PS3 is a dead console unless it gets cheaper and fast.

Comment by kyle on 2008-03-26 04:58:00 | Reply

Omission” Go solo and online “with the 360″ when there not over.

Comment by justin on 2008-03-26 07:25:39 | Reply

ps3-free online. free wifi. no serial code for online like wii. no 50$ ayear ripoff. way better exclusives. warhawk, motorstorm, heavenly sword, uncharted, resistance, ratchet. that is what is out now. Wait until this xmas. ps3 just had a one year bday on march 23. so lets see what will happen within the next 9. my ass it wont sell a 100 mill. probably even 200 mill when the even better exclusives come out. ff13 and mgs4 and the new god of war 3! I mean each of those is at minimal 4 million consoles a piece. not to mention every game on the ps3 is either completely multiplatform or a game that has sold over 1 million copies. every good 3rd party is coming to ps3. with all the awesome games and online included is a bluray player. I just hope nintendo and 360 will be able to keep up!

Comment by kyle on 2008-03-26 10:07:45 | Reply

Ok, I hope Nintendo and 360 can keep up as well. I’m pretty sure they will. Like I said before, I think the PS3 will catch the 360 in the next year or two, but I don’t think it will ever catch the wii.

Right now the 360 and Wii fill all gamers needs, but if the PS3 gets a little cheaper then the PS3 and Wii will fill all the gamers needs, plus Blu-Ray. So I can see 360 and PS3 slugging it out for second place. They are virtually the same gaming experience, with similar technology. Just one has Blu-Ray and is a bit more expensive.

The Wii is to far ahead. In order for the PS3 to catch it in a year and a half. They have to have complete reverse sales. The PS3 would have to outsell the Wii by 200,000 consoles consistently every month for a year and a half. That is never going to happen. The Wii will always outsell the PS3 every month consistently up until the end of its natural life cycle.

As far as I know, the PS3 has never outsold the Wii since launch, despite the availability of the PS3 and the shortage of Wii’s.

Comment by justin on 2008-03-26 23:56:41 | Reply

I honestly think that june 12th is the start of ps3s selling like crazy everywhere. mgs4, then soul calibur4, then ncaa, madden, nascar(lame i know but they sell), then socom, home will release over the summer, then valkilrie chronicles, then little big planet, then last remnant with a ff13 demo, then killzone 2, then cod5, dead space, prototype, and fracture, then resistance 2, then uncharted 2, then infamous, then white knight chronicles. these in 08′ plus others not announced yet! So I dont know who is going to be better. the internet capabilities are going to own on ps3. firmware 2.36 in june will have updates for the wireless network adapter to read n. streaming everything faster wirelessly than a ethernet cable. add a price drop to the mix on the 40 gig to 300 in september like last year. Spells utter pownage for other consoles. On the upside of things for the wii rock band is coming out in june(no internet capabilities but with 5 extra songs not in the ps3 version). Wii is starting to get some good third party stuff.

Comment by kyle on 2008-03-30 05:25:29 | Reply

I still think the wii will win this generation

Comment by kyle on 2008-04-18 03:33:54 | Reply

The wii rules all.

It looks like super smash brawl put the wii over the top. The PSP got owned by the DS. What did I say. Just cause the PSP won a single week, all u PS fanboys said it was the begining of a change.

The DS still owned it by almost triple. Sorry, but the Sony screwed up this generation in the handheld market.

All I have to say is that the wii had its moment and its selling points, but the truth to be told is that the Wii is out of games. Since Brawl came out, the Wii does not have many more “grade A” games coming to it.

Now I point your attention to the 360. COD4, Halo 3, GTA, Mass Effect, etc. Need I say more? The 360 has its amazing and fun games and with LIVE and a couple good friends, those games can last an amazingly long time. My best friend moved away 2 summers ago and LIVE has been an amazing way to stay in touch with him.

The Wii had its moments, but it has been a giant dust collector over the last year. The only decent games to come to the Wii are Nintendo’s signature games such as Zelda, Super Smash Bros, and Mario. Thats it. Now that those have been released, what all is there that is left?

Comment by wii ftw on 2008-04-20 21:42:07 | Reply


Im sorry but you are terribly wrong, OBVIOUSLY nintendo has a plan for the wii for the next 4 years…… so you think that nintendo (an incredibly large games developer rivaling the likes of EA in size) is not devloping any more games for the wii?

Oh yea and you mention games like halo 3 and mass affect keeping you playing the 360 for ages because of online well guess what so is super smash bros and Mario Kart wii, these are two of the most funnest online games ive played

Im sorry but in short your a bit dim if you think that Nintendo is relying on like 5 games to carry it over the next four years.

The have already said that they have got a big announcement in terms of content for the wii at e3. DO NOT underestimate Nintendo, I belive they have proved this by being the leading console manufacturer this generation when they where counted out as has beens last generation.

Comment by kyle on 2008-04-22 04:05:49 | Reply

Nice, I completely agree with you.

You can’t say the wii is a dust collector anymore. Ever since brawl came out it has probably gotten the most use of any of the other consoles. Brawl, Mario Kart, and Wii-Fit are being released in consecutive months. Nintendo will have momentum all the way to the holiday season.

I will say that the 3rd party publishers must get on track. We know that all of them dismissed the wii when it came out. After seeing how well it sold, they’ve been developing games for the last year. We should see some descent third party titles in the future.

And now it will get the graphics that the 360 and PS3 have

While I don’t expect it to look as good as the PS3 and 360 titles, we will see wii games get a significant boost in visuals. That is only icing on the cake.

Not to mention that Nintendo will release a firmware update to enable DVD playback on the wii when it looks like things are slowing down.

I’m sick of hearing people say that games are better than others. It is a matter of preference. Halo 3 is awesome, but so is brawl and Mario Kart. Nintendo has plenty of AAA titles. They just haven’t had one for a while until brawl.

With all that said, the PS3 and 360 will keep up with the wii this summer because of GTA4 and MGS4. These are going to be blockbuster games, but trust me when I say that the wii is not going to be outsold by the PS3 or 360 in any month. The wii is already this generations winner.

June is not the start of the dominance of the PS3. You’ll be trying to argue the same thing in a year from now.

Comment by John on 2008-04-22 18:33:45 | Reply

The facts are continuing to state that Wii owners do not buy games. The NY times just did a study and found that the majority of owners are content with Wii sports. You have to admit, the Wii has a horrible attach rate.

Also, since you love talking about how GREAT Brawl’s sales were. You need to look closer. Sure it sold 1.4million right away, but sales dropped 90% within the following 2 weeks.

So far Nintendo has released nearly all of it’s AAA titles, and as we all know it has virtually no 3rd party games. Meanwhile the PS3 continues to build up steam despite having none of it’s AAA titles yet. I think we will see a big change by the end of this year.

Comment by kyle on 2008-04-22 19:51:13 | Reply

Of course that was going to happen. Brawl is a hardcore game. People knock Nintendo for not releasing hardcore games, but brawl is. Just like all hardcore games it is aimed at a specific audience. Once that audience gets there game it will go back to where all the other games sell.

Of course brawl went down 90%. No one expected it to sell a million copies every week. Between Japan and the US it has sold over 4 million so far. That is ridiculous. Better than any PS3 game since launch, and its only been released in two territories and out for only a month.

I keep hearing, “wait till the PS3 has its AAA titles.” Well its been one year later since I first heard that and still the PS3 is in last place.

I kept hearing the wii is a gimmick. No one will buy it in 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, a year. Well now its a year and a half later. The wii is still buy far the best of the three consoles in terms of sales.

I do agree that Nintendo has released nearly all of its AAA titles. I wished they could have spaced out Brawl, Mario Kart, and Wii-Fit a little better. They are all being released with in a month of eachother.

This is the time of the third party titles. There is a big gap between the May release of Wii-Fit, and the annual launch of Madden in august. I could see the wii maybe finally losing a month in July. Unless nintendo has something up their sleeve.

Okay, I’ll see you at the end of this year. The PS3 will not be anywhere near the wii, and the wii will keep outselling the PS3

Comment by John on 2008-04-22 20:35:55 | Reply

Im sorry, but Brawl is the furthest thing from a hardcore game. It is a casual game meant to be picked up and played in small portions. 4 million is not ridiculous, Halo 3 with over 8 million is.

So one of Nintendo’s best AAA titles beat out a bunch of 3rd party games on PS3 by a million units. Just wait and see how well GTA4 and MGS sell, they should crush that number in no time. And GT5 will obliterate that number. Look at GT3, it sold 15 million copies……..and GT5 if you havent played it yet, is awe inspiring. GT5 should have no problem selling over 10 million units.

The PS3 has a slow first year, thats how sony always is with the PS series, they always have a garbage first year. Then they come on strong in the 2nd/3rd year and leave everyone in their dust. This years lineup alone will boost their sales dramatically. They have at least 10 AAA exclusive titles coming out within the next 12 months………that is ridiculous. Just imagine how much sales will increase.

Thats Nintendo’s problem, 3rd party titles. Nobody wants to make games for it because the attach rate is so low. the only 3rd party games are crappy ports from the old PS2.

I see the PS3 equalling monthly sales with the Wii by years end if not sooner, and surpassing it next year. The PS3 is already getting close in terms of sales, and with a ton of huge AAA titles coming out in the next 2-3 months, things are looking bright for Sony.

The truth is, even if the Wii were to outsell the PS3 by the end of this gen (i highly doubt it), they still lose. Why? Because Sony makes most of their money on licensing rights for games, something they have a lot more of then the Wii. So in the grand scheme of things, Sony still wins.

Comment by kyle on 2008-04-22 22:14:55 | Reply

MGS maybe, but not GTA4. It is coming out on two consoles. It will sell better on the 360 cause there is a larger user base, especially in America.

The PS3 will never outsell the wii, unless its price point is the same. The wii will win. The has won. It has never been outsold by the PS3 since launch. If wii (24 million) stopped selling for a year and a half, and the PS3 (11 million)doubled what they have now in that time,they’d still be losing.

Again Halo 3 has been out for six months and released everywhere. Brawl has been out for a month and only released in Japan and North America and it has already gotten half of what Halo has. Brawl will be the best selling wii title just like its predecessor was on the gamecube.

If wii outsells the PS3, they win. One, because their console was more successful and two, the make money on every console sold. Sony is in the red with every console they sell. The PS3 has dug itself a hole it can’t climb out of, no matter how many “AAA” titles it gets.

Comment by John on 2008-04-22 22:53:16 | Reply

Actually the PS3 version is set to sell more, it has 3 times as many preorders at the moment.

I expected such a response from you, very short sighted. The PS3 doesn’t need to be at the price point of the Wii to beat it, that is what you fail to realize.

I love how you say it will never outsell the Wii, you buy into the early game too much, learn to look at the big picture. Over the past 6 months the PS3 has been narrowing the gap between it and the Wii from 5:1 now down to about 1.5:1. And it is only going to get stronger in the coming months.

In regards to Halo 3, the majority of it’s sales were within the same timeframe, and it currently holds the record for the highest grossing opening day in entertainment history…… were saying?

So brawl will be the best selling title like it was on the Gamecube…..a system that started well and failed. Please tell me you understand why the GC failed? Because it had no 3rd party support, and guess what…….the Wii is going down the same path.

Seriously Kyle, go do some research. The PS3 is currently breaking even, and with lower costs coming in the next few months, they will begin making money on each console. But, instead of make money on the console, they will lower the cost even more. Why would they do this? Because licensing rights = a lot more money.

Dug itself a hole, im really amused at your failed logic. How has it failed? It’s currently following the lifecylce of the best selling console of all time, and doing better. It won Sony the format war. It is currently the best and also the cheapest Blu Ray player on the market.

Do you remember the PS2? That was in the red for nearly it’s entire lifespan. By all accounts the PS3 is doing better by the simple fact that it has gotten out of the red in less then 2years.

It’s selling as many units as the 360, despite having none of it’s AAA titles available. Frankly it’s amazing that the PS3 has sold as well as it has considering the fact it has had no games. What do you think is going to happen when all of there big titles get released this year?

Fact is licensing rights are where all the money is at. This is why the PS2, despite selling over 100 million consoles, did not make much on the consoles. They made all of there money on licensing rights for all of the games.

This is where the Wii fails, in games sold. Sure they make money on every system, but they make very little on the games relative to Sony and MS. This is simple logic Kyle.

Seriously, take a step back and look at the big picture, because you dont seem to understand the economics behind this.

Comment by kyle on 2008-04-23 01:09:24 | Reply

Ok. I do see the big picture, and I see the wii and the PS3 doing very well. I think it is possible that the wii may be a console that is not in competition with the PS3. I think lifetime sales of the PS3 will surpass the 360 when more AAA titles come out for it.

But come on. If you were paying attention to this before the wii and PS3 were released, you along with everyone else, including me, thought the wii wouldn’t last more than 2 months. The fact that it is still the top selling console a year and a half later is nothing short of amazing. Now that nintendo id in this position they won’t give it up.

The truth is that your right. The third party support for it sucks. That is the sole reason why the gamecube failed, but follow the pattern. The weakest console in terms of graphical power always wind. The DS, PS2, PS1 NES, Super NES were all weaker than their competition. The way we measure who wins all those generations is by how many consoles were sold relative to their competition.

I see the big picture. I’ve done my research. The PS3 is awesome. I own one, but that doesn’t mean that the wii can’t be awesome too. Both will do well. I see the wii having more total sales than any of the other consoles, but I can see people arguing that the wii does not belong in the same class as the PS3 and 360. So those people can declare the PS3 the winner.

All in all it doesn’t matter. The real winner is the gamers getting a variety of games and experiences.

Comment by John on 2008-04-23 03:20:54 | Reply

I expected the Wii to do well for the first year, as most Nintendo products do, but I didn’t see it lasting this long.

Then again I didn’t see Beanie Babies lasting too long either.

Sure Nintendo doesn’t want to give it up, but can they keep it from slipping is the question. Without 3rd party support, they are going to find themselves in a hole very soon and they need to be prepared to keep that from happening.

Unless they start designing new and innovative games that are not just a spin off of Mario……I see them in a hole soon.

For last gen, I dont see the PS2 as the graphically weaker console. When you see GOW2, it beats anything on GC. Regardless, there is a reason that the PS1 and PS2 sold over 100million, and it’s a very clear pattern that they continue to improve on.

That pattern is a diverse audience. By having strong 3rd party support, they have games of every possible genre that meet the needs of both the casual and hard core gamers, this has only gotten better with the PS3 now having great FPS titles.

But your right, regardless of the outcome, we as gamers win whenever there is strong competition.

Comment by kyle on 2008-04-23 01:11:43 | Reply


Comment by kyle on 2008-04-23 08:41:09 | Reply

Nice reply, John

Comment by Matt Attack on 2008-04-24 22:46:31 | Reply

i read the comments, & would like 2 add that the ps3 has Motorstorm,an AWESOME racing game w/ cool graphix. BUT,the Wii lets gamers exercise as they play

Comment by kyle on 2008-04-25 06:50:03 | Reply

good point Matt, Motorstorm has some crazy graphics, but they are both completely different consoles. There’s no feeling like wii boxing for an hour and a half against the friend. I’m sweating bullets.

Comment by wii ftw on 2008-04-25 22:24:30 | Reply

@ John

“In regards to Halo 3, the majority of it’s sales were within the same timeframe, and it currently holds the record for the highest grossing opening day in entertainment history…… were saying?”

This part of your comment actualy makes me laugh. How many of the sales of halo 3 do you think are accounted to because of microsoft hyping it up.

Halo 3 it self is nothing special and it actualy pains me to say that because I loved 1 and 2.

The only reason why halo 3 sold so much is because of micrsoft incredibly overhyping it. What was it they said?

“The biggest entertainment climax in history”

Any one whos played halo 3 knows thats a bunch of ball.

Quote from game “You ARE the forerunner….”

well we pretty much ALREADY F*!CK!N NEW THAT ANY WAY!

Comment by john on 2008-04-26 01:28:36 | Reply

wii ftw

Your post, is irrelevant and silly. One could also say that Brawl or any anticipated game had a lot of hype. You can’t discredit something simply because it had more hype built up.

I’m not much of a Halo fan myself, could never get into it. But I will give them their due credit. Honestly, what was the point of your post?

Comment by FFRPGFAN on 2008-04-26 04:58:26 | Reply

Please see my large comment above in this little discussion. I’m guessing it is either being ignored because of the fear that some people actually know what they are talking about or because of short attention spans.

In the long run, Nintendo has already clinched a spot probably as the dominate firm in this industry as shown from the fact their systems are still selling out more than a year after its initial release. Additionally, they make profit at all stages of production which gives them a huge advantage over both Sony and Microsoft as their system is less expensive to produce and therefore can be sold at a lower price. After all, even if Sony and Microsoft’s price can be lowered without cutting into their profits too much, the same will be true for Nintendo. However, as they are still a good $100 cheaper than both of the others and are sold out, they have no need to.

In a financial sense, which is the only real thing any company truly cares about regardless of what they make and who their competitors are, Nintendo has already proven itself. After all, none of these companies would make games if there weren’t any people to buy them.

As for the comments about the lack of “AAA” titles for the Wii, I think that argument is invalid for two reasons. One, there are differing definitions of such games. After all, I happen to have no interest in any of the Grand Theft Auto games which makes them “Z” titles in my book. Two, just because a game is made by a company that people might have never heard of doesn’t mean it’s a bad game outright.

Comment by Bob on 2008-04-26 19:49:16 | Reply

This is the same thing they said about the Wii a year ago and the same thing they said about the DS.

The Wii is definately a fad. It’s a fad that I expect to last for about 5 years, which will be around the time that its successor will be released.

Comment by wii ftw on 2008-04-27 01:12:26 | Reply

@ john

Are you actualy joking mate? Brawl had barely any hype compared to halo 3. Halo 3 had a commercial aired between the super ball a YEAR before its release. Are you also telling me that hype does not sell games. Halo 3 had ALOT of hype due to microsoft, nintendo barely advertised brawl. So are you telling me that the reason why halo 3 sold so well is because it is generally one of the best games of all time and the ultimate entertainment climax in history?

You belive that none of halo 3’s sales was due to microsofts hype?

What makes halo 3 any better than the likes of killzone or metroid prime corruption? But yet ms said it was to be the greatest entertainment climax of all time.

Please use your inteligence and tell me that halo 3 was over hyped…. which in turn does sell games.

If you do not realise this which many gamers do then im sorry but words can not describe how silly you are.

Hype sells games.

Halo 3 was overhyped beyond all preportions.

But according to you halo 3’s sales had nothing to do with MS’s hype.

Im sorry but Im just getting so annoyed that anybody could belive that halo 3’s phanominal sales had nothing to do with MS hyping it up.

And this is coming from a hardcaore halo fan.

Comment by john on 2008-04-28 21:46:33 | Reply

@wii ftw

I wasn’t making a comparison in that way, I fully realize how big the hype was for halo3. You have to admit that the game itself generated a lot of hype just because of its fan base.

My point was that many games have hype behind them, some more then others, yet this doesnt detract from how many units are sold. Admit it,even if Brawl had as much hype as halo3 it wouldn’t have come even remotely close to it.

Learn to read, I never said that hype didnt help halo, I was making a point of how hype alone won’t cause sales.

Comment by Bob on 2008-04-27 13:39:38 | Reply

I get a lot of bingos by reading these comments:

Besides, the Wii can’t suffer the same fate as the Gamecube because it has already sold more than the Gamecube.

Comment by FFRPGFAN on 2008-04-28 01:20:22 | Reply

I think you actually just get a blackout. After all, all or at the very least most of the comments on that bingo card have been listed and rather easily countered.

Comment by kyle on 2008-04-28 06:29:35 | Reply

By definition, a fad can’t last 5 years. A fad is a craze that is really popular but short lived. If the wii lasts 5 years then it was successful. In 5 years (2013) Sony will have the PS4, MS with the Xbox 720 and Nintendo with the Wii2.

There for Nintendo would win this gen and we would be on to the next round.

If the wii lasts for 5 years, it wins hands down.

Comment by Wii FTW on 2008-04-28 23:35:55 | Reply

@ John

“Admit it” errm let me think about this….how about no

I will say again halo had hype alot of hype and stupid amounts of advertsing.

This would result in halo selling alot more copies than it would have if it did not have the hype and advertising behind it.

It would deffinetely not have been the blockbuster it was without MS hyping it up and starting advertisements a year early,….. and focusing their whole e3 conferences about i……., and declaring it the ultimate climax of all time,…… and the sun slapping a quote saying “Forget game of the year, try game of the decade.” on the front of the box. Which makes no sense any way because COD 4 was game of the year.

It was hyped and YOU admit like many others do that it would not have sold any where near as many if it was not extremely overhyped.

Zero punctuation describes halo 3 perfectly.

Comment by John on 2008-04-29 15:15:51 | Reply

@ Wii FTW

You fail to recognize how well Halo 2 did, despite not having even remotely the amount of hype. Halo 2 sold 2.4 million copies within the first 24hrs.

The halo series was gaining momentum since the first game, it’s fan base became larger and larger, and because of this it sold a lot more then the first Halo. The game had it’s own hype because it was a great game with a cult like following. Who here doesn’t think that halo fans are like a cult?? They eat breathe and sleep halo haha.

Listen very carefully, im not saying that the advertising didn’t help, I know it did. What im saying is that even if it had the lower advertising of Halo 2, it would have still sold more then Halo 2 and been close to Halo 3’s sales.

Comment by kyle on 2008-04-29 09:39:29 | Reply

If Brawl had the hype that Halo 3 had it would have sold more. The first week sales for Halo 3 in the U.S. were 1.7 million copies sold. Brawl was 1.4. A game that got no commercial endorsements and no product endorsements.

Halo 3 had mountain dew. We all remember the commercial of everyone on the 360 in different countries screaming “Noooooo” and the one American guy sipping his mountain dew and saying “Yes”.

Brawl has a huge fan base. With commercial hype like that Brawl could have easily scored another 300,000 copies of the game in the first week tying Halo 3 in America. If you add up the opening weekly sales from Japan and the U.S., since that is where brawl has been released, Brawl beats Halo 3.

Now I’m not stupid. That is because the 360 does not sell well in Japan. My point is that Brawl with virtually no hype compared to the TV and Superbowl slots and drink and food endorsements that Halo 3 had, sells nearly the same.

Brawl has yet to be released in Europe and Australia, but I suspect that if you add the opening weekly debuts from all territories, you might not see that big a difference in the sales.

Hype does sell games. That is a fact.

Comment by John on 2008-04-29 15:45:20 | Reply

@ Kyle

Im not sure where you got your numbers, but the $170 million in sales was in the US alone. Divide $170 million by $60 (lets say $65 with tax) and you get 2.6 million units sold, not 1.7. And thats in the first 24hrs, not the first week. First week sales were 3.2 million copies.

4 Million copies were pre-ordered globally. Global sales reached $300 million in the first week with sales of 4.6 million units sold.

Worldwide Brawl sold 4.8 million in a month, 2.7 million in the US and Canada.

Look at that, Halo 3’s first week global sales beat Brawls entire month of Global sales. And the first 24hrs in the US alone nearly beat the first month of Brawls sales in both Canada and the US.

Im sorry, but no matter how much hype you threw at it, Brawl would have never come even remotely close to those numbers, quit your daydreaming.

You have to understand the audience you are dealing with. Halo fans are diehard fans that will wait in line days for the next game. While Brawl fans……wont. This is the difference between the Wii and the 360, hardcore gamers vs casual gamers.

The majority of Halo 3 purchases, were by fans who would have bought it regardless of hype. Yes hype helps sell games, I’ve never denied that, but you are placing Halo 3’s success mainly on the hype.

Another point you need to consider. The installed base at the time of release. 360 had roughly 13-14 million consoles sold worldwide at the time Halo 3 was released. The Wii had 22 million consoles on the market. Thats nearly a 10 million console advantage, yet the sales were not even remotely close.

Those figures also help to show, how many people bought a Wii as an impulse buy simply for Wii sports and are not interested in buying more games.

In other news. Here is a game with very little hype in terms of advertisements, that is about to knock Halo 3 out of it’s top spot.

GTA 4 is expected to sell 6 million units this week alone and a cool $400 million in sales. This will make it the biggest entertainment launch in history……..speaking of which……I need to go get my copy before it sells out.

Comment by Wii FTW on 2008-04-29 16:54:36 | Reply


My point from the begining was that you said:

“In regards to Halo 3, the majority of it’s sales were within the same timeframe, and it currently holds the record for the highest grossing opening day in entertainment history…… were saying?”

I was argueing that it would not hold the record for the highest grossing opening day in entertainment history if it did not have all of that hype.

It would have not sold any where near as much as it did with out hype.

But it would still have probably out sold brawl if it was on even ground. But not hold the record for the highest grossing opening day in entertainment history.

And yes if brawl did have all that hype along with the huge casual gamer audience the wii has there would be no doubt that the casual audience would eat it all up like a fat women at a burger bar.

Comment by John on 2008-04-29 17:19:24 | Reply

@ Wii FTW

Actually, it still would have set the Highest grossing opening day. Halo 2 had the record for highest grossing opening day at $125 million, which Halo 3 beat by $45 million. Then there is still the debate on whether or not the Harry Potter books were the real victors, but thats a whole different argument.

At the very least it would have matched Halo 2’s sales, although I believe it would have exceeded it simply because the ending of Halo 2 was such a cliffhanger.

Brawl could have had more hype then Halo 3, but it still wouldnt have sold much more then it has. Why? Because of it’s market and the type of game it is.

Brawl is a game you can pick up and play with ease, yet it has no story etc. It’s not like Halo which has this epic story of human survival etc etc where you cant wait to see what happens next. With Halo 3 everyone had been waiting since Halo 2 to see what would happen next. With Brawl…..there is no expanding story from one game to the next, no cliffhanger leaving you hungry for more, which is a reason many have said the Brawl series although fun is starting to get old.

Brawl itself just didnt have the appeal to generate sales like Halo 3, it didn’t have the following, which is why extra hype would not of helped it much in comparison to Halo 3.

Comment by Bob on 2008-04-29 22:41:08 | Reply

Since when did casual gamers buy Brawl? Don’t forget Halo 3 costs $10 more than Halo 2 did when it was released, so it wasn’t that hard to make that much more income.

Also, Brawl does have a 5-8 hour long story mode, but you wouldn’t know that if you didn’t play it.

Besides, I’m sure that people still play Smash Bros long after it’s released because you can still trade in Melee for $15 at Gamestop 7 years after it’s release in 2001.

Comment by John on 2008-05-01 05:57:28 | Reply

Since Brawl came out, it’s core audience is the casual gamer and young kids. It is not a hardcore game, why you would think it is, is beyond me.

I didn’t forget the price difference, which is why I was only using the income to derive the units sold, which were much much much higher.

Im sorry…….but you can’t honestly be comparing the half ass story mode of Brawl to Halo…….seriously? Was it gripping with giant cliffhangers leaving you begging for more?? Haha no. The story mode is not the selling point of Super Smash Bros, it never has been.

Sure they play it years later, it’s a party game that is fun to play when everyone is over. People still play Halo long after it’s release……..yet they will play it alone for hours on end…….see the difference?

Comment by kyle on 2008-04-29 23:58:18 | Reply

Brawl hasn’t been released world wide. You can’t compare Halo to Brawl until Brawl has been released world wide. It has only been released in two territories. Stop saying that Halo 3 outsells brawl cause of income. It costs more. Brawl is at 4.8 million copies sold and it hasn’t been released anywhere but Japan and North America.

Comment by John on 2008-05-01 05:51:04 | Reply

Will you please learn reading comprehension.

You guys keep trying to put words in my mouth that I never said. I never said that it outsold Brawl due to income.

Kyle I already pointed out that Halo 3 beat Brawl in both worldwide and just in the US. First week sales of Halo 3 in the US alone were 3.2 million copies. While Brawl only managed 2.7 million for the entire month for Canada and the US combined.

You completely disregarded the facts that I clearly put in front of you. You thought there was only a difference of a few hundred thousand, instead it was a few million.

Comment by Xbot on 2008-04-30 05:18:25 | Reply

For sure, the wii continues to be an embarrassment for real gamers around the world.

Comment by kyle on 2008-05-01 10:19:17 | Reply

My bad John, I here you.

Comment by John on 2008-05-01 18:38:56 | Reply

Sorry if I sounded a bit assholish in my response, I could have worded my original comment better.

Comment by kyle on 2008-05-01 10:19:50 | Reply


Comment by kyle on 2008-05-01 10:20:49 | Reply

I’m just saying Brawl is a good selling game, by the way, does anyone know how GTA4 did?

Comment by John on 2008-05-01 18:51:26 | Reply

It’s a great selling game. Im not sure on GTA4 yet, lemme look that up really quick…….nothing concrete really.

Comment by Wii FTW on 2008-05-01 23:12:25 | Reply

@ John

There is still a significantly large portion of hardcore gamers in the wii. Just in the minority.

And the super smash bros franchise has been here way longer than when this whole casual gamer thing came out.

Why do you think it is a casual game I am, generally interested?

Even Nintendo them selfs said that it was for the hardcore crowd.

And you say since its on the wii and nintendo wants to capture the casual crowd you seem to think that its a casual game. So what next? Was metroid prime 3 a casual game? How about Zelda?

Im sorry but I honestly can not see why you belive its a casual game. Its more or less the same as its predesesors but they where viewed as hardcore games.

Comment by John on 2008-05-08 11:16:23 | Reply

For me Smash bros has always been a casual game, not a very in depth game that is typical of a hardcore game.

I view metroid and zelda as hardcore games, as they have deep story lines that immerse you for extended periods of time.

Comment by Wii FTW on 2008-05-01 23:23:42 | Reply

@ John again

Are you also saying that people play brawl as a one of when friends come over like wii sports. Im sorry but again you are wrong. From personal experience Ive played melee to death and in europe there is still a large amount of people that play it until brawl comes out.

I belive that you seem to disreguard super smash bros, one of the most succesful fighting franchises ever, as a mere casual and party game. Like rayman raving rabbids.

“It is not a hardcore game, why you would think it is, is beyond me.”

There are a few hardcore games on the wii like no more heroes but since its on the wii it must be casual.

So please tell me why you think a long established hardcore gamer franchise is now casual?

Comment by Wii FTW on 2008-05-01 23:26:28 | Reply

Because I can tell you know my mum, dad, nan and grandad couldn’t give a shit about mario and sonic duking it out.

Comment by kyle on 2008-05-02 05:13:11 | Reply

lol…funny wii FTW

Comment by Wii FTW on 2008-05-02 20:51:03 | Reply

Im sorry but I just can not understand how some one can classiefy a long running franchise like smash bros as casual. It even predates all this casual gamer stuff so why would nintendo intend it for casual gamers back before they had this idea?

Brawl is almost the exact same as the first one and melee except its got more charecters, better graphics, online play and improved gameplay.

I have absolutely no idea why he would belive the likes of Super Smash Bros Brawl to be a casual game like wii fit, brain training, eye training and several cheesy party games like rayman raving rabbids.

You are one very deluded individual John

Comment by Bob on 2008-05-04 17:42:46 | Reply

Based on Brawl’s sales, if people call it a casual game, they can’t say that casual gamers don’t buy games anymore.

Comment by John on 2008-05-08 11:20:07 | Reply

Deluded…..hardly…….a lil drunk at the moment maybe heh.

It all comes down to how one views “hardcore/casual games”. To me, a game that is easy to pick up and play with little to no story depth is a casual game……this fits Smash Bros perfectly.

I will say it is the “hardcore game” of the Wii…….but thats not saying much now is it. In the general term, and compared to hardcore games across all platforms I have to say it is not a hardcore game.

Comment by John on 2008-05-08 11:23:00 | Reply

Looks like the figures are in for GTA4.

3.6 million copies on day one, which is $310 million. At the end of the first week sales reached 6 million which is $500 million in sales smashing every previous record by a large margin.

This is a hardcore game folks. No Wii game will ever see sales of this magnitude and that is due to Nintendo’s target market being the casual gamer.

Comment by wii ftw on 2008-05-08 22:29:52 | Reply

@ John

plenty of games are easy to pick up and play but that does not make them casual games. Take the metal slug franchise for example but that is not aimed at the casual audiance. Trust me people play super smash bros cronicaly. Something that is usually a miss in casual games. I still find your perception of brawl being a casual game a bit well weird.

Also in order to understand the mammoth heap of unlockable stuff in brawl you need to have been a hardcore gamer with knowledge of Nintendo’s history. Another example of this game being aimed at the hardcore crowd.

Comment by wii ftw on 2008-05-08 22:32:13 | Reply

Also im not saying that there is a game on the wii that can match GTA’s sales but it is multi platform, which ALOT of people seem to over look espcially when they compare it to halo 3. They do not seem to realise that halo 3 was only on the 360 GTA is on the ps3 and 360.

Comment by Xbot on 2008-05-12 07:28:49 | Reply

wii = fail.

Comment by kyle on 2008-05-16 01:04:26 | Reply

Wii= Fastest selling console in history.

Comment by lolz on 2008-05-16 05:26:32 | Reply

Your mom = Fastest selling woman on the corner.

Comment by kyle on 2008-05-16 09:00:26 | Reply

Your Dad= #1 on Time Magazine’s top 50 people who should not reproduce.

Comment by Xbot on 2008-05-17 06:57:56 | Reply

‘ ‘ Your mom = Fastest selling woman on the corner. ‘ ‘

LMAO that poor nintendog got raped lol.

by the way nintendo fanboys since you love to talk about sales let me know when nintendo gets a console that can sell more then 100+ million.

Comment by wii ftw on 2008-05-18 00:14:22 | Reply


the DS’s sales are expected to surpas sony’s ps2 100 million record……… just thought Id let you know.

Comment by Xbot on 2008-05-18 00:21:45 | Reply

‘ ‘ expected ‘ ‘

Meh, i dont think so so far it cant even outsell the PSP in Japan, PSP is twice the price of the nds and it still destroys that.

the big problem with the nds is the lack of AAA games and mature ones for real gamers.

Comment by wii ftw on 2008-05-18 00:44:01 | Reply

are you serious? lack of AAA games? I think wee both know your talking aload of bs there.

the ds out sells the psp in europe, america and australia and its almost neck and neck in japan. I would hardly use the word “destroys” to emphasive the psp’s sales when the DS out sells it by a large margin world wide.

Comment by wii ftw on 2008-05-18 00:46:57 | Reply


you also make it seem like the ds is in trouble by saying “the big problem with the ds”

Im sorry the ds is doing fine and dandy by it self in case you have not noticed. Its the psp that needs help or have you been living under a rock for the past three years?

Comment by kyle on 2008-05-18 08:27:02 | Reply

Let Xbot have his dreams. He’s going to wake up in 5 years and realize that nintendo dominated this generation in a big way. DS owns the PSP in sales and we all know that the wii will be the first console to hit a million in this generation.

He’s someone who is too stubborn to admit nintendo will win. Even when the wii has surpassed a million consoles sold in 4 years. He’ll be talking trash even when the 360 is at 46 million, the PS3 is at 52 million, and the wii is at 100 million. Just watch. He’ll still be trashing the wii even though it is the best selling console.

Just ignore him, he can;t make an objective opinion. He’s a fanboy and no amount of factual information will change that. All fanboys tend to make irrational arguments with no facts.

Comment by I have TWO Wiis. on 2008-09-01 14:10:51 | Reply

@ nobody in particular…

Just a few random comments:

The Wii is not following in the footsteps of GC. It’s following the footsteps of the NES.

Did the definition of niche change? I thought niche was, well, something really small? By this definition, right now the 360 and the PS3s are in the niche. So the definition is reversed now?

Lastly, PS3 is $3 Billion in the red.

Sean Malstrom FTW. Go read up on him.

The wii is by far the best next-gen console out there. I have both the Wii and the PS3 and I enjoy the Wii much more than the PS3

The wii is good to have fun playing with my family or friends but i cannot denied that the xbox 360 is my favorite at this point.

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