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Nintendo now shipping stronger straps

Did you ever consider buying Nintendo’s next-gen console but got put off by the reports of the strap on the Wiimote breaking? Worried that little Timmy will swing too hard, see that horrifying white blur fly across the room and break your new 42″ HDTV? If that’s the case, then you’ll be glad to hear that it seems the new batches of the Wii include thicker straps.

Engadget reader Arthur S. purchased a Nintendo Wii a couple of days after the US launch. When he took it home he wasn’t surprised to see a standard sized wrist strap, as pictured in the bottom of the picture above. However, when Arthur’s mother, who was “won over by the beauty of the tiny little Wii box”, bought herself a Wii a few days ago, she and her son were surprised to see a much thicker strap.

The guys over at Joystiq are also reporting a similar story. They had the intention of testing the breaking point of the original strap. To perform this experiment they went and ordered some straps from Nintendo. While doing this, they pretended to be normal customers so that Nintendo wouldn’t deliberately send them the thicker straps. However, when they arrived they were shocked to find that they had received the reinforced straps.

While Nintendo are still keeping quiet about all this, it’s pretty clear that they are shipping these new straps with the new batches of Wii consoles. I personally think that it’s great to see this problem being addressed only a few weeks after launch, kudos to Nintendo. Make sure to check back here in the coming days to see if Nintendo makes an official statement regarding this. now shipping stronger straps digg:Nintendo now shipping stronger straps newsvine:Nintendo now shipping stronger straps furl:Nintendo now shipping stronger straps reddit:Nintendo now shipping stronger straps fark:Nintendo now shipping stronger straps Y!:Nintendo now shipping stronger straps gamegrep:Nintendo now shipping stronger straps

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Hopefully they’ll replace existing straps for free, too. My wrist strap has yet to break, but I’d like to do everything I can to prevent it from doing so.

Comment by Tom on 2006-12-11 21:13:10 | Reply

What about the wire ( fish line ) that connects the strap too the wiimote , Hope they made that thicker aswell.

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