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Babysitter Mania toddles onto Nintendo DS

Of all the entertainment options consumers have, we’d class videogaming right up there as one that offers the greatest amount of escapism. So, why anyone - especially a mother or father - would want to spend their time taking care of a household full of unruly children in the newly announced Babysitting Mania for the Nintendo DS, is beyond us.

Based on the PC title of the same name, in Babysitting Mania, players progress through more than 100 levels of overlapping tasks as they feed, entertain and clean up after a slew of kids in 20 chaotic houses. Players will use the Nintendo DS’ touch screen to manage every aspect of the household with speed and precision, from strategically employing “Timeouts” to overseeing bonus birthday party levels that add neighbourhood party guests to the mayhem.

“Balancing a busy household with energetic kids of multiple ages is incredibly demanding,” said Gui Karyo, Executive Vice President of Operations, Majesco. “Babysitting Mania brings the challenge ‘home’ so players can develop their ability to multi-task and maintain order despite the rigors of running a modern family.”

Being responsible for children ranging from babies to teenagers, it looks like Nintendo DS gamers are really going to have their hands full.

Babysitting Mania is expected to kick and scream its way into stores this autumn. Mania toddles onto Nintendo DS digg:Babysitter Mania toddles onto Nintendo DS newsvine:Babysitter Mania toddles onto Nintendo DS furl:Babysitter Mania toddles onto Nintendo DS reddit:Babysitter Mania toddles onto Nintendo DS fark:Babysitter Mania toddles onto Nintendo DS Y!:Babysitter Mania toddles onto Nintendo DS gamegrep:Babysitter Mania toddles onto Nintendo DS

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