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5 of the Nintendo Wii’s most unintentionally tiring games

Despite the insistence of its creators, the Nintendo Wii has, since its launch, been touted as the first console responsible for encouraging a generation of players to get up from their sofas and participate in some active gameplay, turning the pastime from something completely sedentary into a genuinely active experience. With Wii Fit looming, promising to be the most physically demanding Wii title to date, Nintendic takes a look at a selection of inadvertently knackering Wii games; those which have had millions of players considering a trip to casualty and cursing the moment they willingly participated in such a casual form of painful, breathless, suffering. Ice packs and asthma pumps at the ready…

Wii Sports

The most obvious example, this one. After placing the disc in the console for the first time and enthusiastically sampling everything the game has to offer, you’re likely to wake up the next morning with an arms that feel like they’ve endured a couple of rounds with the world’s arm wrestling champion - and then been pummelled to a pulp by a gang of cruel, sadistic children. While Tennis can get pretty intense, it’s the Boxing game that’s most likely responsible for endangering the lives of thousands of unsuspecting asthmatics across the globe.

Mario Party 8

Nintendo’s long-running series, a jovial collection of board game-based mini-games and unfair star-stealing has always had something of a reputation when it comes to tiring players out. While button bashing and rotating the analog stick was painful stuff in years gone by, the introduction of the dreaded Wii Remote waggle in Mario Kart 8 took the torture to new levels of “Why Nintendo?! Why?!”…ness. Granted, there’s enough variety to see not all games will have you bent over gasping for breath and gulping down litres of water, but those that do only help to make an already bland title even less tolerable.

Rayman Raving Rabbids

Like Mario Party, Rayman Raving Rabbids is another example of a Wii title bursting to the brim with a collection of innocent-looking mini-games that turn out being full-on sweat-fests minutes after you’ve picked up the Wii Remote and Nunchuck. If you look closely at the small print in the instruction booklet, it reads “…best played in black clothes - unsightly patches under your arms combined with a less than agreeable odour do not go down well with fellow players.” We also advise multiple sweatbands and nearby showering facilities, because you can never be too prepared.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games

The first time in history that two of videogaming’s greatest mascots have been able to compete each other! 20 exciting Olympic Events! Share your world records with friends online! Risk giving yourself a heart attack! Yes, whilst the prospect of pitting Mario and Sonic against one another is an exciting one, collapsing unconscious in a crumpled heap on your living room floor during a particularly strenuous 400m Dash is not everyone’s idea of fun. We can only assume that, unlike the rest of us, those players enjoying themselves in the television adverts were qualified to play without a severe risk to their health, being that they were indeed Olympic athletes.

Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree

This one’s a different kettle of fish altogether, in that it’s your noggin, more than anything else, that’s getting the biggest work out. Working towards pleasing the seemingly insatiable Dr. Lobe takes a marathon effort in mental strength, while competitive multiplayer modes end in players staring at each other in astonishment as they compare the size of the veins protruding from the size of their heads.

Which Wii games do you reckon are the most physically demanding? Let us know in the comments section below. of the Nintendo Wii's most unintentionally tiring games digg:5 of the Nintendo Wii's most unintentionally tiring games newsvine:5 of the Nintendo Wii's most unintentionally tiring games furl:5 of the Nintendo Wii's most unintentionally tiring games reddit:5 of the Nintendo Wii's most unintentionally tiring games fark:5 of the Nintendo Wii's most unintentionally tiring games Y!:5 of the Nintendo Wii's most unintentionally tiring games gamegrep:5 of the Nintendo Wii's most unintentionally tiring games
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10 comments on '5 of the Nintendo Wii’s most unintentionally tiring games'

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Where in the instruction book does it say that for Rayman? lol.

Other wise great artical. I completely agree with you on all of those selections.

Comment by pcphantom on 2008-06-19 17:30:20 | Reply

I get this odd feeling that the writer of this article is an overweight male in his late 30’s that’s used to “Reviewing” games while sitting in a recliner with a huge soda at his side along with some munchees. I get the feeling that this experience was something bad for him… however to the millions of us happy Wii owners, this is why we purchased the system, this is what we love about it. The old hard core “Gamer” crowd doesn’t seem to get that, but the rest of us don’t care… you just described the magic that is WHY the Wii sells so good and tried to play that as a fault to the system… This article’s complaints are the very soul of why my wife don’t care when my kids play the Wii but rarely ever let them play the PS3 or 360.

Comment by pcphantom on 2008-05-09 07:45:59 | Reply

Hey now, some of us enjoy that kind of stuff… It’s kinda like the good old days of playing football out front with your friends… except people don’t do that no more, they are scared of getting shot or run over, so this is a great replacement. I laughed my @$$ off when my nephew had to take a seat panting after a few rounds in boxing… and after you have done it a while it stops being so tiring… imagine that, exercising making you more physically fit and able to exercise more? Could this be a good thing? Naw… fat lazy people always complain about sweating anyway, at least this way they can have fun doing it!

Comment by pcphantom on 2008-05-09 07:48:27 | Reply

… oh yeah … haven’t you people seen the commercials? didn’t you expect games like this when you got a Wii? I mean, it’s the reason I got mine!

Comment by thesteamengenius on 2008-05-11 07:04:31 | Reply

No more heroes. Powering up your beam katana takes a lot of whack..err shaking in a fast amount of time so you don’t get your ass handed to you.

Comment by o Pizzle o on 2008-06-19 15:54:42 | Reply

HAHAHAHAH! Working that beam katana can take a lot outta a person lol especially if you’re in a bad situation.

Comment by Nightsky071 on 2008-05-26 06:16:00 | Reply

Lol, this is pretty funny. Though most of it isn’t true. sure Wii sports had this effect but the other stuff didn’t.

Comment by pcphantom on 2008-05-26 07:46:41 | Reply

Wii sports, Wii Play, Warioware, Mario Party 8, they are all great party games. There are lots of games that have this effect. Plus games like Zelda and Metroid prime keep you intensely involved. There are a lot of great games for the Wii well worth playing. Though I admit a lot of crap has been made so you have to sift for yourself, but what console out there doesn’t have it’s share of trash?

Comment by Dahill on 2008-08-03 06:58:33 | Reply

I’m curious as to how the reviewer could’ve possibly misinterpreted the purpose of the Wii. In any case, if these games tired the reviewer out to detrimental effect, then he needs to put down any and all video game controllers, get off the couch, and get on the treadmill. If Mario Party 8 truly makes a person tired, then I’m afraid the end of the world has come. Godforbid you operate a video game system using anything more than buttons.

Comment by nintendo girl on 2008-08-18 00:01:50 | Reply

OK… I seriously don’t think that Rayman Raving Rabbids was ”tiring”. It was alot better than the 2nd and shouldn’t be on here. Along with Wii Sports. I can comprehend the other games, because they were just plain out boring at times. But other than that, it should all be good. Oh, and Dahill… I so agree with you on that one… People are just lazy is what it is. lol…

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