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NA: WiiWare (May 19, 2008)

After WiiWare launched last week with a healthy dose of new titles to kick the service off in style, it looks like Nintendo is keen to settle into a Virtual Console-alike routine of offering just a few new downloads at a time. This week sees the release of Koanmi’s Critter Round-Up and Hudson Soft’s Star Soldier R.

Critter Round-Up (Konami, 1-4 Players, 1000 Wii Points):

Critter Round-Up (Saku Saku Animal Panic in Japan) is a puzzle video game developed by Epicenter Studios and Konami. The player controls a farmer who must build fences to contain several animals. Players must separate species from each other while avoiding running into them and keeping them away from predators. Occasionally, a present will drop from the sky which, if collected, gives the player a power-up such as food to attract the animals.

Developed by Los Angeles, CA-based Epicenter Studios, Critter Round-Up is a puzzle game for up to four players. Players are challenged with building fences to separate different critter species into their own area, while avoiding predators and other mischievous animals attempting to stop you from rounding them up. Players can corral exotic critters from five environments encompassing 50 levels, with gameplay modes including a co-op Adventure Mode as well as special co-op challenges for up to four players. There’s also a Marathon Mode that supports up to four layers on a nearly infinite number of levels, as well as a collection of Critter Games, an entertaining selection of mini games such as Snowball Soccer and Predator Rampage.

Star Soldier R (Hudson Soft, 1 Player, 800 Wii Points):

Star Soldier R is a futuristic scrolling shooter video game developed by Hudson Soft, and is the twelfth installment in the Star Soldier series. The game features classic Star Soldier gameplay combined with 3D graphics. Star Soldier R retains classic gameplay features from the Star Soldier series, such as the vertical-scrolling shooter style, three adjustable speeds for the player’s ship, and score bonuses once the player has achieved a score of 50,000 and 80,000 points.

This tournament-style outer space shooter challenges players to achieve a high score in either a 2-Minute or 5-Minute Mode. In 2-Minute Mode, players have just enough time to battle through one action-packed stage and one giant boss. In 5-Minute Mode, they also have enough time to fight their way through a second level with its own boss. Additionally, players can play Quick Shot Mode to see if they have the fastest trigger fingers around! Once gamers have their scores, they can go to the online leaderboards to see how they compare with other players in their region and can keep playing to improve their ranking. There’s also significant depth and replay value to this challenging game, as players can keep practicing to learn all of the different strategies to achieve bonus points in both 2-Minute and 5-Minute Modes. If they discover them all, players might have a shot at having the top score in the world!

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