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Nintendo sorry for, explains Smash Bros. Euro delay

Re-affirming the “Nintendo hates Europe” tag for so many Wii owners this year was the delay between the release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl in North America and the region (it’ll now reach Europe on June 27). To try and justify the wait, Nintendo’s Laurent Fischer spoke to Official Nintendo Magazine, and explained that localisation is more than just “swapping over some words.”

Laurent explained:

“Every time you go through localisation you then have to put it through a test, which involves making sure that you recorded the proper voice, and that the proper voice is being activated with the proper trigger, at the proper time… so it’s not just a case of swapping over some words, it requires some proper extra development processes. And so it takes time.”

He added that localisation was a complex issue and Nintendo wasn’t holding Smash Bros. (or any other game for that matter) back on purpose. Fischer concluded:

“I realise that from time to time we have still been disappointing some people, but in general we have also been able to bring to them games which would have never been available before in a European market, and the time frame is slowly decreasing, so I’m positive for the future. We know that we are still not reaching the expectations of all the people, but we’re really doing our best to resolve this.”

With Mario Kart and Wii Fit before the Americans, maybe Europeans will just about forgive you. sorry for, explains Smash Bros. Euro delay digg:Nintendo sorry for, explains Smash Bros. Euro delay newsvine:Nintendo sorry for, explains Smash Bros. Euro delay furl:Nintendo sorry for, explains Smash Bros. Euro delay reddit:Nintendo sorry for, explains Smash Bros. Euro delay fark:Nintendo sorry for, explains Smash Bros. Euro delay Y!:Nintendo sorry for, explains Smash Bros. Euro delay gamegrep:Nintendo sorry for, explains Smash Bros. Euro delay

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Comment by Tristan on 2008-05-19 17:25:38 | Reply

that is hard to explain in the face of several games that are more dialogue and text heavy that are prepared for worldwide release within a weeks time…

Comment by clapiotis on 2008-05-19 17:46:01 | Reply

I am anxious in getting that game not only for its great gameplay but for its 300+ music soundtrack as well. I’ll wait. It took Animal Crossing 2 years to come over here so a couple of months works fine with me.

Comment by Rudigore64 on 2008-05-20 13:36:33 | Reply

Nintendo have the same genius strategy with europe as cartman has with his amusement park.

Am I the only person who wouldnt be in the slightest bit excited about brawl if it hadnt gotten perfect reviews and lots of hype. The other 2 werent that fun when I played them and I couldnt get into them compared to say Soul Calibur or Galaxy but I am gonna have to buy this one or risk missing out. I look forward to the nostalgia bits.

Comment by juhok on 2008-05-21 12:30:48 | Reply

I’ve just stopped caring about the game already. If numerous other publishers manage to pull a one-day WORLDWIDE release (or maybe a month’s waiting time), a six-month wait is just ludicrous. This isn’t even the first time. Remember Super Paper Mario?

Before the US release, I used to be super-excited about the game. After realising the EU version would be delayed like hell, I was constantly thinking of importing the NTSC version. However, seeing how Nintendo is trying to “deal with the Freeloader problem”, I’ve just grown apathetic. Great marketing there, Nintendo. Should I just mod the console already?

That’s not to say the Wii’s useless, though. Besides, I’m sure Brawl’s a fantastic game (despite the widely criticised, piss-poor online play). Maybe I will buy it some day in the future, when it can be found in a bargain bin, and I’m not being degrading by saying so. Hell, the best games I’ve ever played I’ve bought as Platinum/sold-out/half-price editions or simply used.

I also think European/Aussie gamers should stop letting publishers and devs slip away with stuff like this. We need to voice our opinions better. More quality content, less half-assed releases.

Comment by kjal on 2008-05-26 07:57:23 | Reply

i agree, this is just ridiculous, i was hoping for some sort of actual reason, but they haven’t even tried to explain it in the slightest, it really is pathetic… why they didn’t just do as with the DS and make it region free i guess we’ll never know, i do hope their sales suffer as a result, so maybe they’ll be slightly more organised next time…

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