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Tumblebugs announced for WiiWare

WiiWare is the kind of service that you can guarantee will continue to be flooded with puzzle titles due to their simple nature and casual appeal. The latest to be announced is a port of PC title Tumblebugs, being handled by Gameshastra and Wildfire.

Tumblebugs, which has received in excess of 40 million downloads to date, sees players trying to save all of the bugs rolling around the screen before they reach the opening to the Black Bug Empire’s underground lair. When one bug reaches the opening, the player loses a life and the other bugs in the line quickly rush underground. The player can save the bugs by firing a coloured bug from Tumble’s back towards a group of two or more of the same coloured balls. When three or more of the same colour come in contact with each other, they are set free, possibly triggering other bugs to escape as part of a chain reaction.

“We are strong believers in console based casual games,” says Prakash Ahuja, CEO of Gameshastra, “especially given the recent transformation of consoles from historically teen focused gaming devices to now becoming family entertainment hubs in many living rooms across the globe. We are very focused on titles that satisfy this new, broad demographic.”

Darren Baker, CEO of Wildfire Studios says “We enjoyed working with Gameshastra on Tumblebugs 2 PC, and are excited to collaborate again to bring our games to the emerging realm of console casual gaming. The broad consumer appeal and high production values of Wildfire’s titles make them a natural fit for the console space.”

“After working closely with the Wildfire team to create background art for Tumblebugs 2 we realized the game was a fantastic WiiWare candidate,” Rahul Sandil, VP of Sales at Gameshastra says. “The key to a successful Wii port is the ability to expand the title to take advantage of the unique Wiimote input system, and we feel we have came up with a very innovative design that combines the regular ‘shoot-to-match 3’ experience with some very unique Wii specific mechanics.”

Tumblebugs is scheduled for release in autumn this year. announced for WiiWare digg:Tumblebugs announced for WiiWare newsvine:Tumblebugs announced for WiiWare furl:Tumblebugs announced for WiiWare reddit:Tumblebugs announced for WiiWare fark:Tumblebugs announced for WiiWare Y!:Tumblebugs announced for WiiWare gamegrep:Tumblebugs announced for WiiWare

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