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Nintendic’s E3 2010 Expectations

With E3 2010 almost upon us, gamers’ expectations are no doubt ramping up with each coming day, all the while publishers and developers from all over the globe are working around the clock to showcase the latest they have to offer early next week. Before the internet is set ablaze with wave after wave of new media content, we decided to share with you our expectations of what’s going down from June 15, the day E3 kicks off, until June 17, the day the convention center’s doors close.

Stephen Lilley

I’ll let you in on a secret: I’m desperate for Nintendo to win E3 this year. I’ve supported the Wii throughout its existence, and although I too have felt the sting of watching my favourite developers realm get taken over by kid friendly cooking games, I’ve supported the Wii and its potential for amazing games since I can remember. I don’t know how they plan on doing this, maybe the rumoured HD upgrade or a light sabre game that actually works, but I want it none-the-less.

Obviously, Nintendo will bring the noise with their gaming line-up. With games like Metroid: M and a new Zelda on the horizon, I’m fully aware that come conference day, Zelda: The Mandolin Wii Plus Kingdom will appeal more than a naked Kate Beckingsale covered in cookies. Problem is, Nintendo, I want more than two games a year.

Zan Toplisek

Following its snooze-inducing E3 09 showing, save for the Super Mario Galaxy 2 bit, it can only go up from here for Nintendo. And with the company expected to show the new Zelda title in some form at last, how could it not?

But that’s far more what Nintendo has in store for us! In a little over a week, the company will unveil the Nintendo 3DS, the successor to the extremely successful Nintendo DS. Will it once again change the way we play games? Although, very little is known about the handheld at the moment, the impact Nintendo’s offerings have had on the industry in the past years is enough to get me salivating like Pavlov’s dog. I just hope that the 3D feature is but a fraction of what the system is capable of.

I also have to admit I’m fairly interested in what Nintendo will show with regard to the Vitality Sensor unveiled at last year’s show. Will it be another peripheral destined to end up in a closet soon after launch, or has Nintendo developed software that will put it to great use? We’ll find out as early as next week!

Wade Hinkle

In past E3’s, Nintendo has seemed to always seem to come limping in, not much announced before hand, and yet seems to garner some of the highest marks. If anyone is going to rival Microsoft, Nintendo will be the one.

Zelda (we still do not know the title name) should be making an appearance in Los Angeles, along with Samus in Metroid: Other M. The game that has kept a low profile, has been Disney Epic Mickey. This will be the developer, Junction Point’s debut at E3, and they could very well surprise us.

The previously announced 3DS will also be shown, along with games for the handheld that have yet to be announced. Nintendo could announced an “updated” Wii console. It seems to be a bit early for a console cycle, but they always seem to keep the surprises coming each year.

Enough about what we think! Sound off your expectations in the comments below!'s E3 2010 Expectations digg:Nintendic's E3 2010 Expectations newsvine:Nintendic's E3 2010 Expectations furl:Nintendic's E3 2010 Expectations reddit:Nintendic's E3 2010 Expectations fark:Nintendic's E3 2010 Expectations Y!:Nintendic's E3 2010 Expectations gamegrep:Nintendic's E3 2010 Expectations

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