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New Wii “Everybody Votes” Channel released, is weird

Do you remember the days leading up before the forecast and news channel releases when you’d perform random system updates, hoping that they’d magically give you the channel? Well, you might want to go perform a Wii system update right now, ’cause a new channel’s been released to the public.

After performing a Wii system update, head over to the Wii Ware section of the Shop Channel. Right above the Internet Channel, you’ll notice a new option for download, the “Everybody Votes” Channel. Download, watch Mario gather coins and hit bricks and viola! You’ve got a new channel to enjoy! Make sure you’ve got 53 blocks of memory open first, though.

And what a channel it is! Apparently, Nintendo is very interested in finding out your views on random topics. But you can’t take part in the polling bonanza right after downloading; first you must register (Ha! Get it? Because you aren’t technically a voter unless you register first!) a Mii to represent your virtual self.

Finally, a real forum where we can vote on the important issues!

Then you get to decide which poll you want to participate in. Right now options are rather limited and vary by region, and it seems like there are only 3 polls in which you can participate. Each poll will only be available for a certain period of time, so you’d better hurry and participate while you can. ‘Cause believe me, you’ll really want to tell Nintendo whether you prefer dogs or cats, or if you think chocolates are more romantic than roses.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this channel is its inclusion of a “submit a poll” feature. While this technically could be used for the powers of good rather than evil, we here at Nintendic envision hordes of fans submitting polls that ask “Are Virtual Console games overpriced?”; “Should Nintendo do more with online gaming?”; “Who should be in Smash Bros. Brawl?”; or my personal favorite, “When should Super Mario Galaxy be released?”, with poll answers including the options of “Now,” and “Right now, dammit!”

While this new channel is fairly limited in functionality at the moment, its potential is huge. While quirky and somewhat inane right now, Nintendo could definitely use this to better determine what fans want.

What other channels would you like to see in the future? Wii  digg:New Wii  newsvine:New Wii  furl:New Wii  reddit:New Wii  fark:New Wii  Y!:New Wii  gamegrep:New Wii

5 comments on 'New Wii “Everybody Votes” Channel released, is weird'

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Comment by D4V360 on 2007-02-15 08:44:38 | Reply

It ain’t mario who is jumping for the blocks when you download this channel, it’s luigi! Mario shows up when you download virtual console games ^^

Comment by flex on 2007-02-15 12:34:28 | Reply


Comment by Ty on 2007-02-16 19:44:33 | Reply

It’s really funny because now, like the real world, we can vote on things that don’t matter and won’t in any way shift the corse of things. Thank you Nintendo for bringing a democratic process to the Wii. At least make the votes be which virtual consol game will be released next.

Comment by MutantMonkey on 2007-02-16 21:44:12 | Reply

It is a shame that the questions are limited to two answers, there should at least be a “Neither” voting option.

I want to see a game demo channel next or better still a channel that has release listings with related game info, news, videos, images, demos and etcetera.

To answer your question, Drewbie, by the beach. It’s where the girls in bikinis are. Like Dead or Alive, but you can talk to these. And they don’t fight each other most of the time. Dialogue is much better translated, also…

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