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EU: Blaze Brings Dumbbells To Wii Fit

Leading video game accessory manufacturer Blaze has announced their latest Fitness First licensed product. Endorsed by healthy lifestyle advocate and global superstar Mel B, the Wii Fitness First Dumbbells add weight to your console based workout.

These new ergonomic dumbbells are perfectly designed to hold your wii Nunchuk and Wii-mote. This allows you to play Wii fitness titles in exactly the same way you did before, with added weight to maximize your workout. This extra weight adds the perfect amount of resistance to your training, allowing you to get much more from your exercise session than ever before, bringing you quicker results.

The Wii controllers clip securely into the dumbbell handles, giving perfect access to the controls allowing you to navigate the game menus easily and comfortably.

This whole Mel B – Fitness First range from Blaze is designed to give you that extra edge with your console based workout, bringing the expertise of the world’s largest health and fitness club into your home.

Also included in the pack is a voucher entitling you to a 5 day free trial in your local Fitness First health club and gym, giving you the professional instruction and motivation you need to be successful with your fitness regime.

The BLAZE Fitness First Mel B Step riser will be available in October 2010 and can be purchased from and leading video games stores for the low price of £14.99

The direct link to the official BLAZE product page is below:

Mel B started her relationship with Fitness First in 2009, becoming the face of National Fitness Week. Mel is fast becoming well known for her enviable figure and keen interest in fitness, following the success of her workout DVD ‘Totally Fit’. Mel is the also face of International Fitness Week for 2010.

Fitness First is group with over 550 clubs worldwide spanning 19 countries. The brand is universally recognized as a symbol of fitness and wellbeing.

The fast emerging interactive fitness market has seen over 20m Wii Fit ® balance boards sold worldwide. This figure is set to rise as new software products are developed for the format.

BLAZE and Fitness First recognized the opportunity to enhance the overall interactive fitness workout experience, by introducing a range of high quality accessories.

Jason Cooper, Chairman of Blaze Europe Ltd commented:

“We are delighted to be working with Mel B and Fitness First. We believe these are the perfect brands for our fitness range”

David Langridge, head of group marketing at Fitness First:- “The group is on mission to make the world a fitter place, so products which enhance our core business fit into this perfectly.’’ Blaze Brings Dumbbells To Wii Fit digg:EU: Blaze Brings Dumbbells To Wii Fit newsvine:EU: Blaze Brings Dumbbells To Wii Fit furl:EU: Blaze Brings Dumbbells To Wii Fit reddit:EU: Blaze Brings Dumbbells To Wii Fit fark:EU: Blaze Brings Dumbbells To Wii Fit Y!:EU: Blaze Brings Dumbbells To Wii Fit gamegrep:EU: Blaze Brings Dumbbells To Wii Fit
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