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“Like” Shadows To Light, Help A Child

Hudson Entertainment began asking gamers and non-gamers alike on August 30th, to make a difference in a young child’s life. For every person who ‘Likes’ the Lost In Shadow page, Hudson will donate 10 cents to Child’s Play, a community-based charity with its roots in the gaming industry, founded by the creators of For those who want to donate more; by changing their profile picture to a picture of a shadow, any shadow, Hudson will jump up the amount to a $1 donation. All ‘Likes’ and Shadow Profile Pictures will be counted on the Lost In Shadow page at the end of Shadows to Light Day, Sept 7th, 2010.

Lost in Shadow follows a shadow of a boy as he attempts to climb around and up a mystical tower. Along the way, players must solve mysteries, puzzles and fight off enemies that try to impede the boy’s progress. The “Shadows to Light” event aims to help cast light in a young child’s life by contributing to the donations of toys, games, books, and monetary contributions for sick kids in children’s hospitals across North America.

Participants can also follow Hudson on Twitter for updates on the event and game.

Lost in Shadow will be released in North America on Jan. 4, 2011 for Wii.

Personal Note: If you would like more information on Child’s Play please check out their website. They are a wonderful organization, which I support. - Wade digg: newsvine: furl: reddit: fark: Y!: gamegrep:

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